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Correcting scraper errors - jdh23662 - 2016-06-05

With the Estuary skin you seem to have forgotten a feature that frankly makes it unusable. On the classic Confluence skin, the "Information" menu (both TV and Movie) had a "Refresh" option. This then allowed you to manually select versions of the video returned from the scraper. In this manner, when the scraper did not get the right movie or TV show, the fix is quick and easy. I've spent the last half hour trying to locate this on Estuary and if it exists, it's buried much too deep. Thanks for the effort and producing a truly quality product.

RE: Correcting scraper errors - Milhouse - 2016-06-05

Open the Info panel for the library item and with the "Play" button highlighted you can scroll left to access the Refresh button. Note the blue ">" indicator at the end of the list of buttons, telling you there are more items/buttons off-screen...

RE: Correcting scraper errors - jdh23662 - 2016-06-05

Yes I see that. Curious thing is that it does not work with the mouse interface by clicking. The top row works as such but none of the bottom rows (as presented on other screens)...So bug I guess. Rolling the mouse wheel does in fact scroll the panel. On to the next issue since I found the "refresh". The information screen does not list the file path and name as it did in the Confluence skin. This feature is very important for correcting scraper errors as the library will set the name and info to what was downloaded. The file name will give you what to look for manually.

RE: Correcting scraper errors - nickr - 2016-06-06

Kodi is simply not designed for mouse control, so although some features are mouse accessible, its not always the case.

RE: Correcting scraper errors - hpeter94 - 2016-06-07

I have just tried v17 out and yes, this is definetly missing, but it looks like its not a theme feature, its missing from kodi :/
I don't think you understood correctly what was jdh23662 looking for. In v16 we had an option to manually set the content of files for which the auto scraper couldn't determine what it is. Thats whats missing!

v16: (The selected movie was not recognised by Kodi)

v17: (Same movie, no manual edit options (Movie information) )

RE: Correcting scraper errors - nickr - 2016-06-07

Can you scroll down that list? And I know it maybe irrelevant to this thread, but try naming the file properly and it would be unnecessary.

RE: Correcting scraper errors - hpeter94 - 2016-06-07

No scrolling. The naming would probably solve the problem, but i usually keep these files in seed so renaming them is out of question.

Edit: So i found an alternative to manually add the item: Navigate to it in the Video-s screen and then press "I" button (as for info), and then kodi will ask for a name.

Correcting scraper errors - jdh23662 - 2016-06-24

Well, I've figured out how to work around just about every feature lacking from confluence except one...When inspecting the library entries, I can find no way to drill down to the file name of the library media. This is kinda (no....ABSOLUTELY) necessary if you have any hope of correcting scaper errors. You know...The library is showing an entry for some random item that I don't have...It's SUPPOSED to be....Gosh can't tell 'cause I've no idea what file it's tagged to...

Any idea where I find this info? Confluence had it as the last line on the "Information" screen.

RE: Correcting scraper errors - nickr - 2016-06-24

No I can't see that in Estuary either.

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