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- SyphOn - 2008-04-13

The images are compressed and can be found in the Textures.xpr file.

If you want to remove them, just remove the corresponding lines in the xml files.

- benderbends - 2008-04-13

can someone tell me what the lines are to remove for the flowery edges and the home screen icons?

- Mntz - 2008-04-13

You can only clear the homescreen icons:
Vinci\720p\Home.xml - All the images under <!-- Home Icons -->

- ewequeone - 2008-04-16

like others, I prefer to have both TV Episodes and Movies on the homepage. Thanks for putting that in.

I would like to know however, how I get each one to open to it's respective folder. At the moment, I open TV Episodes and it links to my movies!



- ewequeone - 2008-04-16

Ignore my previous request, have sorted it myself Wink

The skin still rocks Smile

- dephyre - 2008-04-21

Phenomenal skin! Just tried it today, can't wait to see it on my new plasma, (Wooo Wednesday!) Keep up the great work.

- smcnally75 - 2008-04-27

I just installed the latest T3CH SVN (4-20-2008) and it seems to not play well with the Vinci skin. I haven't tried any of the other skins with it yet but this is how Vinci looks with it.


The update also seems to have totally messed up my library Sad

- Mntz - 2008-04-27

Hmm maybe some changes have been made to the xbmc code.
I'm using System.Time(hh) and System.Time(mm) in XML.
Does anyone know if there has been made a change to the system.time stuff?

- Jezz_X - 2008-04-27

Mntz maybe Agathron was playign around with all the system time stuff so may indeed done somthing

- smcnally75 - 2008-04-27

One thing strange too was that the update seemed to bork up my music database and tv shows. TV shows would not play and my music db was literally gone. I went back to the 4-6-08 build and reloaded my music and all is well now.

- fenguin - 2008-05-07

I just registered for these message boards for the sole purpose of telling you thanks for such an amazing skin. As someone else who's bored of the usual web 2.0 rounded-corner look, I've got to give you big props for setting an ambitious goal and absolutely nailing it. There might be a few minor things that still need tweaking like the audio/video OSD settings, but overall it's amazing work.


- Kuhl - 2008-05-11

You should put a webpage together to really let people get a good look at this and make it very nonspecific to the xbmc scene. That always helps bring more people in.

- UND3R ACHI3V3R - 2008-05-17

Can you please put this in the SVN?

- Mntz - 2008-05-17

I don't think it's a good idea to put Vinci in the official SVN since there are some pics in this skin where i'm not the owner of. For example the Vanessa Mae picture.

- Mntz - 2008-06-01

Vinci has been updated Smile

Some of the changes:
- OSD buttons restyled
- added initial music OSD
- Fixed volume bar
- added episode icons to infopanel
- new programvisual in homewindow

Download Vinci skin