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RE: [RELEASE] Reddit Viewer - gedisony - 2016-12-24

new experimental version up.
There is an apk file in this version.
it is a modified kore remote that sends links to reddit viewer.
this way you can send any url to kodi and have reddit viewer see if it can be played.
playback courtesy of the youtube_dl addon.

video links - ok
imgur album links - ok
image only links - not working well

RE: [RELEASE] Reddit Viewer - mac1202 - 2017-01-30

Nice to see your working again on this addon I always prefered it over the script version you did. Are you planing to add the option to filter out subreddit ?

RE: [RELEASE] Reddit Viewer - gedisony - 2017-02-08

I just put up a new version: 3.0.9
reorganized the settings screen and added the subreddit filter on the filters subsection.
This way you can hide nosleep and/or writingprompt posts from showing up.

RE: [RELEASE] Reddit Viewer - mac1202 - 2017-02-08

thanks you. Just two little problem, enable/disable nsfw content in option doesnt work anymore. And in the view_450_slideshow.xml
file can you make this part switchable with an on/off option, I personally prefer to remove it as the thumbnail image stick out to the sides
problem is too anoying for me.

                <!-- Show thumbnail image while original image still loading. but some thumbnail image stick out to the sides.
                could not figure out how to detect when original image still loading.
                  Attempt a different method by Hiding the thumbnail image after list changes focus.
                  it works but it is hard to guess proper the delay -how long the original image finishes loading.
                <control type="image" id="200">
                    <visible>!Container(53).OnNext + !Container(53).OnPrevious</visible>
                    <aspectratio scalediffuse="true" aligny="center">keep</aspectratio>
                    <!-- animation effect="fade" start="100" end="0" time="1000" delay="0" tween="back" easing="in">visible</animation-->

RE: [RELEASE] Reddit Viewer - gedisony - 2017-02-08

thanks for checking it out mac.

I've uploaded a new version with the changes. 3.1.0

RE: [RELEASE] Reddit Viewer - mac1202 - 2017-02-23

Hi gedisony, some post are album of video or mix of image and video. I often get this case with eroshare link.
In the first case reddit viewer doesnt show anything.
In the second it display the album but the video are replaced with a still image.
Don't know if it possible to make the plugin handle such case.

RE: [RELEASE] Reddit Viewer - gedisony - 2017-02-23

yeah, right now, the plugin treats all items in an album post as images.
it becomes problematic when there is a gif or video mixed in the album.

can you repost the link into r/redditviewertesting/

RE: [RELEASE] Reddit Viewer - mac1202 - 2017-02-23

Just posted two sample link (warning NSFW)
Another issue I got don't know if it's a plugin issue or kodi issue. But once you have watched a youtube link and open the context menu it is the context menu from youtube addon.

Before playing the video


After playing the video


RE: [RELEASE] Reddit Viewer - gedisony - 2017-02-24

I think the youtube addon changes the context menu when you play a video with it.
using youtube_dl to play youtube videos doesn't have that behavior

RE: [RELEASE] Reddit Viewer - mac1202 - 2017-02-24

Just see the commit for support video in album. Work great thank you.

RE: [RELEASE] Reddit Viewer - mac1202 - 2017-02-24

Some image failed to open. Here's the error from the log

13:36:42.066 T:140290621052672 WARNING: CSkinInfo: failed to load skin settings
13:36:42.066 T:140290621052672   ERROR: GetDirectory - Error getting /home/mac/.kodi/addons/plugin.video.reddit_viewer/resources/skins/default
13:36:42.066 T:140290621052672   ERROR: EXCEPTION: XML File for Window is missing
13:36:42.067 T:140290621052672   ERROR: EXCEPTION Thrown (PythonToCppException) : -->Python callback/script returned the following error<--
                                             - NOTE: IGNORING THIS CAN LEAD TO MEMORY LEAKS!
                                            Error Type: <type 'exceptions.RuntimeError'>
                                            Error Contents: XML File for Window is missing
                                            Traceback (most recent call last):
                                              File "/home/mac/.kodi/addons/plugin.video.reddit_viewer/default.py", line 1834, in <module>
                                              File "/home/mac/.kodi/addons/plugin.video.reddit_viewer/resources/lib/domains.py", line 3282, in viewTallImage
                                                useWindow=xbmcgui.WindowXMLDialog('slideshow05.xml', addon_path, 'default', '720p')
                                            RuntimeError: XML File for Window is missing
                                            -->End of Python script error report<--

RE: [RELEASE] Reddit Viewer - gedisony - 2017-02-24


I just updated the addon with the fix.
I checked it out, there was a bug related to the viewTallImage feature but not the one related to the error log you have.

if you're manually copying over the github files you might have missed slideshow05.xml in ....\plugin.video.reddit_viewer\resources\skins\Default\1080i

RE: [RELEASE] Reddit Viewer - mac1202 - 2017-02-24

Error still present and here the output of ls .kodi/addons/plugin.video.reddit_viewer/resources/skins/Default/1080i
main_list01.xml  main_list03.xml  slideshow02.xml  view_450_slideshow.xml  view_463_comments.xml
main_list02.xml  slideshow01.xml  slideshow05.xml  view_461_comments.xml   view_image.xml

RE: [RELEASE] Reddit Viewer - mac1202 - 2017-02-24

Posted link to r/redditviewertesting/ so you can check on your system.

RE: [RELEASE] Reddit Viewer - gedisony - 2017-02-24

thanks for posting it on r/redditviewertesting/
i'll check it out on a different machine

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