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RE: [RELEASE] Reddit Viewer - gedisony - 2017-04-06

hi mac,

I've put up a new version that corrects the os not defined error.

I'm still investigating the liveleak issue...
I initially thought you have an older version of the liveleak plugin but the error message is different

RE: [RELEASE] Reddit Viewer - mac1202 - 2017-04-06

I had the version 0.0.7 of liveleak addon if it can help.

RE: [RELEASE] Reddit Viewer - gedisony - 2017-04-06

try getting v1.0 from botster's github.

RE: [RELEASE] Reddit Viewer - mac1202 - 2017-04-06

thanks work with this one. Does it have a repo to keep it up to date ?

RE: [RELEASE] Reddit Viewer - gedisony - 2017-04-06

I think Botster is testing v1.0 of the liveleak addon. Will be pusing update to official repo when done.
I'm also pushing v3.3.8 to official repo right now.

RE: [RELEASE] Reddit Viewer - mac1202 - 2017-05-02

Just tested the latest version with the image preloading feature. Work great most of the times but some time it don't. I could stay several minutes on one image the next one isn't preloaded.
And when there is gif in album it keep showing the little thumbnail with the spinning wheel.

RE: [RELEASE] Reddit Viewer - gedisony - 2017-05-03

Thanks for testing.

I also found in my testing that sometimes kodi does not pre-load the image.
sometimes you have to go to another image then back to get the image to display.
I don't think i can fix that on my end. i'm toying with the idea of having a small dot on the tiny thumbnails at the bottom that lets the user know that the image is preloaded but it would look out of place.

I also can't think of a good solution for gif 'images', probably just replace the spinning wheel with a triangle 'play' image?

RE: [RELEASE] Reddit Viewer - mac1202 - 2017-05-08

Hi just posted a eroshare link on redditviewertesting that give me a error message.

RE: [RELEASE] Reddit Viewer - gedisony - 2017-05-08

fixed v3.4.6
thanks for reporting it!

RE: [RELEASE] Reddit Viewer - mac1202 - 2017-05-08

whaou that was fast.

RE: [RELEASE] Reddit Viewer - mac1202 - 2017-05-10

Posted another link that give me a 404 error this time is for gyfcat.

RE: [RELEASE] Reddit Viewer - gedisony - 2017-05-10

fixed v3.4.7

thanks again mac1202!
these exception cases are hard to find.

RE: [RELEASE] Reddit Viewer - mac1202 - 2017-05-10

I use it on daily basis so it help to find such exceptions.

RE: [RELEASE] Reddit Viewer - mac1202 - 2017-05-16

I noticed something strange. If I don't mistaken the default sorting is popular, but that doesnt match the one on the website. For the first pages the post are the same as the website. But when I start reach something like page 3 on the addon I get very old post ( like 1 week or 2 old). On the website I don't get such old post on the popular section.

RE: [RELEASE] Reddit Viewer - gedisony - 2017-05-17

I couldn't recreate the issue but noticed that the "Next Page" used by reddit on the browser is different from the plugin.
I updated it to more closely resemble the one from the browser.

also, added a context menu entry that allows you to view related videos and view videos from this channel when a reddit post links to a youtube video.
This is mainly for exploring posts in r/mealtimevideos or r/documentaries etc.
you already have this capability when using the youtube plugin but not when using youtube_dl.

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