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Smart TV Unknown Error - wdavro - 2016-07-01

I just installed Kodi 16.1 (first time ever) into Ubuntu 14.04 on my laptop.
I've read through all the setup options.
I've added all my movies and television files that have been ripped onto my hard drive.
The files are on an external drive attached to my laptop.
I can watch them fine on my laptop.
I have an LG 55LM6400-UA tv that is wirelessly connected to my home network (and so my laptop).
Kodi shows up on the tv.
On the tv I select Video Library: Files: USBNTFS (the name of the NTFS volume on the external hard drive that contains all the video files)
and I get a box that says Unknown error.

Will this even work?
Could someone direct me where to start troubleshooting?

RE: Smart TV Unknown Error - nickr - 2016-07-02

Ask LG

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