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Changing playback quality - rose - 2016-07-07


I'm new to the forum, and VERY new to KODI.

So I am using the fire TV stick with the KODI addon.

And I have searched everywhere for an answer - but haven't found one.

How and where do I change the video playback quality in KODI?? The thing is, I don't want/need high quality playback streaming so I wanted to lower it - you know the way you can lower quality settings in Netflix and youtube.

Thanks in advance.

RE: Changing playback quality - MrMC - 2016-07-07

not possible

RE: Changing playback quality - MetalChris - 2016-07-08

Actually, in some cases, it is possible to lower the stream quality by limiting your bandwidth in the Kodi settings.

System -> Settings -> System -> Internet access -> Internet connection bandwidth limitation

The option is only visible with the Settings level at 'Advanced' or 'Expert'.

Doesn't work with all add-ons though.


Also, some add-ons have stream quality options in their own settings. Right-click on the add-on name to bring up the context menu and choose 'Add-on settings'.

RE: Changing playback quality - teambeans - 2018-10-03

Please how do i adjust the video quality on my kodi 17.6. My internet is slow so i would prefer a lower quality.

RE: Changing playback quality - Karellen - 2018-10-03

It depends on what add-ons you are using to access the internet stream. Some may have an adjustment in settings, some may not.

Which add-ons are you using?

RE: Changing playback quality - DarrenHill - 2018-10-03

What are you playing back, and where is it sourced from? What add-on(s) (if any) are involved?

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