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- mvoosten - 2004-04-16

anyone wanna take this up?


- alx5962 - 2004-04-16

(mvoosten @ april 16 2004,12:28 Wrote:anyone wanna take this up?

guess how slow it would be to reply to a message using the virtual keyboard...

- kaisersose - 2004-04-16

would look cool but alx5692 is right, but you never know someone might want to do it,

is it possible to port scripts like this onto the xbox easily ? just wanted to know as your the expert!

- MDPauley - 2004-04-16

do usb keyboards work in xbmc?

- Hullebulle - 2004-04-17

(mpauley73 @ april 16 2004,21:43 Wrote:do usb keyboards work in xbmc?

- windragz - 2004-05-15

it works, i'm using one.

- carlosp_uk - 2004-05-15

really?! sorry, but just before i go out and buy a usb keyboard, are you saying they definitely work with xmbc?

(if you're wondering why, it's cos i realised you could write a python script that executed input (using the 'exec' command and local namespace) and - hey presto - you'd have a test python interpreter on xbmc to try out code! )

- Hood - 2004-05-16


my usb-keyboard dont work in xbmc 16-05-2004 cvs, but works in avalaunch, evox and other prog. so its no support in the xbmc what i can see (maybee it will be in the future)

so "windragz" what cvs are you using if you can get it to work??

- windragz - 2004-05-17

it's a modified version of apr 28 cvs. there is an example in xdk how to add kb support to your code. i just followed that example. i just use that code (copy and paste).

the keyboard is supported by the xbox kernel as any other device, such gamepad or remote. Image

- bitplane - 2004-05-17

coo this does look interesting... not that i use msn, but it sounds useful and a definate boastworthy feature for xbmc.
if only we had a control for nokia style predictive text,typing a msg by remote would be as quick as a sms.

have you posted your patch to the devs forum? sounds like it would be easy to add. i'd buy a keyboard if xbmc supported it

- elupus - 2004-05-21

mind providing a patch for this on sf so it could be implemented?

- jb_here - 2004-12-10

heres a python msn library and sample client that could be used for xbmc to add msn messenger, i don't have the know how but mybe one of yous could add it to xbmc :bowdown:


tia Smile

- jb_here - 2004-12-10

i crossposted to both future dev and python dev because it belongs in both, thread was already started in future, but it's a lib


- solexalex - 2004-12-10

hey !
i'm very interested !
so please, coders, come and help us !

i already tryed this lib but i'm not very good at python.

- WarriorSan - 2004-12-10

this could be very nice!