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- sonic - 2004-12-11

wiee  :o ... really hope someone with the skills could do something nice with this Smile. a messenger in xbmc would be nice

- EminaZ - 2004-12-11

python aim!!!:


- Kaer - 2004-12-12

hope to get one for msn though :p
wow looking through the codes, its complicated. home someone will be willing to try :p

- speciestraitor - 2004-12-13

it would be awesome to get the xbox live buddy list/functionality to the msn script as well...although it is based off of .net so is it even possible?

- donno - 2005-01-31

i am very intrested in the ability of msn messanger for xmbc.

i have great ideas. reading the documentations and the start seems sort easy to do the basic.

if i time to develop it i would lookin to it.
at the moment i am in of making of an irc client called irc-x.
when i am finshed or get free time with that project. i will look into this one.

features i had in mind
- for chatting - use a full screen window.
- for the buddy/friend/contact list i had in mind a
- alerts - popoing up in the bottom corner, like how the xlink chat does.
- use bitplanes skin reader for the stuff - maybe later once it works.
- use bitplanes py9 dictinary for sms/ remote text- low priority)
- for options - use full screen window and a listbox. to change screen name/nick - (low priority)
- auto replacement of words or entire scences. eg k being okay or Confused1 replaced wih hello, what you been doing? , - this could be achived by using a txt file and before the message is send check the words in the sentces with the list.
- sound support playing alert sounds etc.

i think i may draw up a gui plan another day and let you know.
i just wanted to post some ideas.

i reckon if we/i/someone starts this they should create the gui first then add the msn code. because then it could be reused as
python aim.

i have done a little coding and thats all. don't get too happy.
check my script page at.

check the desing docs here

just getting the links together
http://msnp.sourceforge.net/ -- i think this may be easier lib to use.

bitplane (http://www.bitplane.net/)

firstly has anyone else started making one yet ?

good devleping tip: make sure it works with emulator, saves a lot of time.

does xbmc support being able to play two sounds at onceHuh

- nishil - 2005-01-31

id be interested in working with you to create this, let me know :thumbsup: i created the stupid videos browser and im currently working on a team xbox reviews script

- OnTheMike - 2005-01-31

i was thinking 'bout creating this interface myself to start learning python (already a professional vb.net developer). so i wanna join this project...

- donno - 2005-02-01

okay, so it seems quite a few people are intrestead.

i will try to find a place somewhere were we can organise this.

if you have the knowelgde and time you can start it on your own.

also the links at donno.glwb.info in my other post may not work, others. i think there is a issue with my webspace provider - i think i am experenise down time duriing my night / ur day.
sorry typo error. you could have tried the links in my sig/ .

just finshed getting/ testing the gui out.
just set the buddy list background. so now the script sort of works.

this is mainly for script dev only. - try to optomize it etc.
hope this link works.

also try to keep it working with the emu.
to get it working on the emu change windowdialog to window.
as the emu does upport it yet.

have fun. i don't have enough time to get this really started so here is a pre dev 0.02 release

to see my dev area/directories see
sorry about the desgin i will change/ imrpove it later

- solexalex - 2005-02-01

not workingg...
please post next time when you'll be sure of your links...

- Liquid - 2005-02-06

i have something done for some time now but because of lack of time i stopped the development.
maybe it's time for me to restart it...

- C-Quel - 2005-02-06

attach a link to it so we can see and try to help.

- Liquid - 2005-02-06

let me work on it a little more before i post a version.

- solexalex - 2005-02-07

liquid, i think i can help you. just tell me if you need my help !
see ya

- donno - 2005-02-09

i had the same problem as liquid.
i have not had time lately. soon as i do i will try helping.
my computer has been down and i have resume school. until i get settled in i can't really help.

does xbmc have ssl. (because while i tested the msnp libary on my computer it failed to find ssl) test on the xbox did not seem to work either but i think that could have been to failing to do the msnprocess command or something.

i had a few ideas, the only problem is time and resources for me.

i hope this link works

this is my progress on my msn client. it's far from completed. it should display. be sure to read the source. (it uses windowdialog so when computer emu change it to window)

hope all goes well.

in advance i apologize for the large amouts of comments in my msn script.

if u really want my script and the links don't work try emailing me at [email="[email protected]"][email protected][/email]

- Liquid - 2005-02-09

the problem isn't ssl. the real problem is that msnp is a easier lib to use but also isn't being developed anymore, and since the last version, the msn protocol has changed. for logging successfully into the msn servers, code has to be changed in the lib.

yesterday i was making some new tests/development and realize that the lib has many functions that don't work anymore...

unfortunately i think that i have to use msnlib which seems a pain in the ass.

at this moment the code i've done logs the user to the server, shows all user contacts (not only the online) and receives/sends messages to a buddy.

at this point is a "almost done" client... the problem is the outdated lib.

i think i'll do a wrapper to msnlib... i'll keep you all posted.