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- The_Ghost16 - 2010-03-29

It looks like a bug in XBMC. But they are refactoring scrapers to add-ons so i don't know if they will fix it soon.

- seninha - 2010-04-12

Enochian Wrote:Hi,

Due to the lightning strike my last post got deleted, so I'm reposting it:

I finally found some time to do the following changes to my scraper:
- Added scraping of apple movie trailers
- Added setting to select apple trailer quality (480p, 720p, 1080p)
- Added nfo support
- small bug fix with movie year

If you enable both youtube and apple trailers, the youtube trailer will be used as backup if no apple trailer is found.
The nfo support will search for a moviemeter url in .nfo files, if it finds one it will use this movie for scraping, if not is will search the normal way.

You can download it here: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=W2J04Q11

I downloaded your scraper,but where do I need to place it?

- redje - 2010-04-16

for those wondering....changing to the latest build of xbmc fixed a lot of issues for me. Know the scraper works like a charm Smile many thnx

- michaeldecharon - 2010-04-26

Is the scraper out of work?

Since a couple of days i cann't use the moviemeter scraper anymore....

Already solved: just updated xbmc ;o)

- athloni - 2010-05-16

In the latest Nightly builds (like rev30199) there are many Scrapers in the add-ons section, but Moviemeter isn't there Sad

- painkilla - 2010-05-29

i my latest nightly build the addons sections doesnt show anything Sad or where can i find that? is there a moviemeter scraper that works with the latest nightly builds?

- Wouser - 2010-06-02

Same problem here. I don't know if anyone is currently working on it. Unfortunatly i don't have the know how to do so.
Let's hope someone with a little time does, and will get it working again.

- Chivato - 2010-06-05

Have changed the plugin so that it works with the latest unofficial Nightly Builds.
Just unzip the Moviemeter-Addon.zip to folder XBMC\addons\ and you are ready to go! Now start XBMC and make sure that you enable the add-on.

You can download it here

I say: 'Enjoy' Big Grin

- Roelio - 2010-06-07

Hey Chivato thanks for this I will test it asap.Nod

Scraper doesnt download fanart and thumbs - Wouser - 2010-06-17

Since I updated the moviemeter script, the scraper doesn't download the fanart and not all thumbs come trough.

Anyone else experiencing this problem?

- DJXFMA - 2010-06-26

I have had some problems with some titles of movies which the scraper should find. But instead of looking for the year given is just takes the first title in the given results in the search php script which this scraper uses.

For example (this is the search script which trying to find the movie...):

It will find:
-. Green Street Hooligans 2(2009)
-. Hooligans(2005)

So far ok. But now heres is the problem I've already given a year to search but it doesn't uses it.. Else it should find only Hooligans (2005) and for some other movies I have had some other problems.. But anyway..

I have made my own search php script so the title and year will be searched so you get an much better match with youre searched title you have given. Also I search for the year so you only get a list with the given year Smile

My script will find:
-. Hooligans(2005)

To use this fix you have to change a line in the moviemeter.xml.

Change this (in moviemeter.xml):

Into his:

Save it and try it!

For example purpose:
Wrong: http://www.theghost16.nl/MovieMeter/index.php?movie=green+street+hooligans+(2005)
Good: http://www.partyravers.eu/scraper/moviemeter/?search=green+street+hooligans+(2005)

Wrong: http://www.theghost16.nl/MovieMeter/index.php?movie=green+street+hooligans
Good: http://www.partyravers.eu/scraper/moviemeter/?search=green+street+hooligans

Wrong: http://www.theghost16.nl/MovieMeter/index.php?movie=ip+man+2
Good: http://www.partyravers.eu/scraper/moviemeter/?search=ip+man+2


For The_Ghost16 you can use my code if you wish to make youre search better then is it alreay is.

The code is:
$search = strtolower($_GET["search"]);

//Movie and year separation
if(preg_match("#(.*)\(([0-9]{4})\)#", $search, $match)){
$movie = $match[1];
$year = $match[2];
} else {
$movie = $search;

//Movie title fix for search
if(preg_match("#the #", $movie)){
$movie = str_replace("the ", "", $movie).", the";

//Movie title fixes
if($movie == "neverending story, the"){
$movie = "the neverending story";

//Movie followup
if(preg_match("# 2#", $movie)){
$followup = "2";
} else if(preg_match("# 3#", $movie)){
$followup = "3";
} else if(preg_match("# 4#", $movie)){
$followup = "4";
} else if(preg_match("# 5#", $movie)){
$followup = "5";
} else if(preg_match("# 6#", $movie)){
$followup = "6";
} else if(preg_match("# 7#", $movie)){
$followup = "7";
} else if(preg_match("# 8#", $movie)){
$followup = "8";

} else if(preg_match("# VII#", $movie)){
$followup = "VII";
} else if(preg_match("# VI#", $movie)){
$followup = "VI";
} else if(preg_match("# V#", $movie)){
$followup = "V";
} else if(preg_match("# IV#", $movie)){
$followup = "IV";
} else if(preg_match("# III#", $movie)){
$followup = "III";
} else if(preg_match("# II#", $movie)){
$followup = "II";

} else {
$followup = "";


// Default config
$client = new xmlrpc_client("http://www.moviemeter.nl/ws");
$client->return_type = 'phpvals';
$api_key = 'the_api_key for moviemeter api!';

// Set Session
$message = new xmlrpcmsg("api.startSession", array(new xmlrpcval($api_key, "string")));
$resp = $client->send($message);
if($resp->faultCode()) {
die('error: '. $resp->faultString());
} else {
$session_info = $resp->value();
$session_key = $session_info['session_key'];

// Search film output $results
$message = new xmlrpcmsg("film.search", array(new xmlrpcval($session_key, "string"), new xmlrpcval($movie, "string")));
$resp = $client->send($message);
if($resp->faultCode()) {
die('error: '. $resp->faultString());
} else {
$results = $resp->value();

// if 1 result
if(count($results) == 1){
$matches = "<a href=movie.php?id=".$results[0]["filmId"].">".$results[0]["title"]." (".$results[0]["year"].")</a><br>";

// more then 1 result
} else {
foreach($results as $k => $v){
// match on title
if(strtolower($results[$k]["title"]) == $movie){
$matches_title[] = $results[$k]["year"]."|"."<a href=movie.php?id=".$results[$k]["filmId"].">".$results[$k]["title"]." (".$results[$k]["year"].")</a><br>";

// match on alternative_title
} else if(strtolower($results[$k]["alternative_title"]) == $movie){
$matches_title[] = $results[$k]["year"]."|"."<a href=movie.php?id=".$results[$k]["filmId"].">".$results[$k]["alternative_title"]." (".$results[$k]["year"].")</a><br>";

// match on title + alternative_title
} else if(strtolower($results[$k]["alternative_title"])." ".strtolower($results[$k]["title"]) == $movie){
$matches_title[] = "<a href=movie.php?id=".$results[$k]["filmId"].">".$results[$k]["title"]." (".$results[$k]["year"].")</a><br>";

// match on part of title if $followup is found
} else if($followup <> "" && preg_match("#".$movie."#", strtolower($results[$k]["title"]))){
$matches_title[] = "<a href=movie.php?id=".$results[$k]["filmId"].">".$results[$k]["title"]." (".$results[$k]["year"].")</a><br>";

// match on year if given
} else if($v["year"] == $year && $year <> ""){
$matches_year[] = "<a href=movie.php?id=".$results[$k]["filmId"].">".$results[$k]["title"]." (".$results[$k]["year"].")</a><br>";

// others
} else if($year == ""){
$matches_overig[] = $results[$k]["year"]."|"."<a href=movie.php?id=".$results[$k]["filmId"].">".$results[$k]["title"]." (".$results[$k]["year"].")</a><br>";

// output matches
if($matches <> ""){
echo $matches;
} else if($matches_title <> "" && count($matches_title) > 0){
foreach($matches_title as $k=>$v){
$org = $v;
$v = explode("|", $v);
$v = $v[1];
if($v == ""){
$v = $org;
echo $v;
} else if($matches_year <> "" && count($matches_year) > 0){
foreach($matches_year as $k=>$v){
echo $v;
} else if($matches_overig <> "" && count($matches_overig) > 0){
foreach($matches_overig as $k=>$v){
$v = explode("|", $v);
$v = $v[1];
echo $v;


- athloni - 2010-08-18

IMDB ID Tags are not scraped in Moviemeter scraper.

Problem description: http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=79019&page=2

- redje - 2010-08-20

did any of you manage to get the trailer button working with moviemeter? As far as i can see no trailer-links are being downloaded into the database. Would this be possible....other scrapers seem to be using this feature of xbmc. Would be nice to integrate them into the library....thnx

- Xenomes - 2010-08-20

redje Wrote:did any of you manage to get the trailer button working with moviemeter? As far as i can see no trailer-links are being downloaded into the database. Would this be possible....other scrapers seem to be using this feature of xbmc. Would be nice to integrate them into the library....thnx

It is on the to do list! http://theghost16.nl/XBMC/index.php but is quiet by the developer of the scraper.

- redje - 2010-08-21

ah.....i guess we'll have to be patient then....thnx for the tip!