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TV Headend + Ubuntu 16.04 - ballegd - 2016-07-29

Hello community ,

Is there an easy step by step tuto for installing TvHeadend on Ubuntu 16.04 . Goal is to use it on a HTPC to watch DVB-S2 sat tv via Kodi on Ubuntu 16.04 . I am new to linux but eager to try ! So in a nutshell :my HTPC holds a TBS6902 dvb-s2 dual tuner and a TBS6922SE dvb-s2 tuner .

Thank you in advance for your kind replys .

Grtz ,


RE: TV Headend + Ubuntu 16.04 - gummibaum - 2016-07-30

I used this one and got it working (I'm NOT a Linux specialist)


For the DVB drivers I can't give you a pointer though...

RE: TV Headend + Ubuntu 16.04 - negge - 2016-08-01

Start by installing the drivers for your card (check out TBS website), then install tvheadend (there are lots of guides on the subject).

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