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Request - PMIII Orange theme - baron22 - 2007-09-24

I've just installed the latest t3ch build and noticed the default green theme now has an orange underscore.
The penny suddenly dropped......
I would love an orange theme for PMIII,seeing as I set my LED to Orange.
I think it'd look sweet!!
Not being a skinner I wouldn't know where to start.
I did change the RSS scrolly to another colour by editing the red.xml,
But modding an .xpr is just beyond me.

- jaredharley - 2007-09-24

baron22 Wrote:But modding an .xpr is just beyond me.

Easiest way to do this is to just delete those pesky .xpr files.

Visit the SVN (https://xbmc.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/xbmc/trunk/XBMC/) .

Browse to /skin/Project Mayhem III/media in the SVN and download all of the files (the DownloadThemAll extension in Firefox works well for this) and folders to your local XBMC/skin/Project Mayhem III/media folder. If you've got a current T3CH version of XBMC, you can use the included XBMC_PC.exe to work on your skin without doing trial-and-error on the xbox itself.

The skin will work just the same with the files rather than the .xpr texture files. Edit the image files you want to change (in your case, you'll be looking for homebutton-small.png).

- Jezz_X - 2007-09-25

jaredharley Wrote:Easiest way to do this is to just delete those pesky .xpr files. .....

Pesky they may be but they are there for a reason First of all they allow for you to have more than 1 color theme for the 1 skin
Second they actually speed up the operation of XBMC because the images are stored in the native directx format that the xbox renders so it dosn't need to do the conversion on the fly.

While I was changing pm3 I noticed a huge difference in having the original png compared to a xpr

- jaredharley - 2007-09-25

Jezz_X Wrote:While I was changing pm3 I noticed a huge difference in having the original png compared to a xpr

Interesting - I haven't noticed a slowdown on my PM3, but I've been using mine for a while now. Once I've got it the way I want, I may just have to try recompressing them. Laugh

- baron22 - 2007-10-11

A friend of mine came round last light and knocked up an Orange theme last night in Photoshop.
IF you want to have a look

- hicaow - 2007-10-11

The file you requested has expired.

- baron22 - 2007-10-11

hicaow Wrote:The file you requested has expired.
That's strange I only upped it about 2 mins before I posted here :confused2:
Try this one - http://www.flyupload.com/get?fid=8373383

- hicaow - 2007-10-11

yep that one worked .. thanx :] .. this should be included in T3CH releases , its nice to be able to change the colour to the LED colours ..

- djtoll - 2008-05-25


has someone the .png images of PMIII orange theme. I need it for a new theme.

thanks djtoll

- blittan - 2008-05-25

all png's are available from the svn..