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"Global" Search / playlist help - HannTheftAudio - 2016-08-28

I recently ran into a problem in these 2 areas (GLOBAL SEARCH / PLAYLIST), and linked the issues back to the language/characters used. Because English is my default language, I use the Latin character set.... but what if the Artist/Album/song..... is in a language that does NOT use Latin characters (Russia, Korea, Japan.....)

With Global Search, my problem is that it refuses to even look at the search inquiry if there is even ONE NON-LATIN character in it. "Нагрянули" is a prime example. It refuses to even locate that song JUST BECAUSE it's Russian.

This story extends into the playlist section. At least here, I can add the song to the playlist... that's not the problem. My problem is that Kodi REFUSES to play the song.... or to even "save" it into the playlist. Again, this is because the song is in Russian, not English. In this case, you add the song and save like normal, but editing the playlist with display ALL tracks with non-Latin characters as (tracknumber). () for example 10. ()

How would I fix this so global search will read ALL characters no matter what language? And how do I fix the playlist issue so it'll play ALL songs (even if the playlists consists of a lists of songs in English, Spanish, Russian, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese) all in the same playlist?

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