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- BritneysPAIRS - 2007-10-15

there are simple things that can be done like if a user logs on as a user, if there is no shares setup say under my pictures... my pictures wont appear on the home page. The master user would have to create the share. This is one of many things (100s) that would need to be discussed in simplifing the interface for basic users but allowing advanced users options. A documment should be written up as Jmarshall said with all of this type of stuff and how it will operate. These things to me are vitally important to decide a vision on how the interface should work as much as how it should look.

Fluid looks fantastic so if theDevil is going to head the look of things I would be more than happy

- MikeBeecham - 2007-10-15

BP...Thats something that I will discuss with thedeViL

- BritneysPAIRS - 2007-10-15


- MikeBeecham - 2007-10-15

Ok...those people that are in my list, please PM me for a link to the new 'Project: Fluid' forum.

Project Fluid has started!!!!

- timdog82001 - 2007-10-15

thats probably a good point about the customization. I think its good to have a few custom options available in the stock skin, but we don´t want so many it clutters the code, slows down the skin (due to massive xml files), or complicates things for the end user. Those sorts of things are better suited for skin mods, where the user has a choice to include it or not. If we do end up thinking up a lot of good ideas for custom options, but they seem too many to include in the default skin, we could do something, like just have a couple of team supported mods you could download, either from the team website if we end up making one, or even just from the XBMC Black Market website, which is still young, as it currently only provides themes and sound packs, but will be hosting skin mods in the future. (http://blackmarket.ictcsc.net/). If we did take such a route, we would have to make sure it was done in a way where it would be where the mods would be fairly easy to update with the skin (perhaps the use of includes could facilitate this?), and also, I think it´s probably not something we´d want to even start until the skin was VERY near to its absolute final form. Anyway, I suppose if we did do something like that, we could just have like two versions of a mod perhaps, a light, and a fat version, or something like that...or perhaps even just one would be sufficent. I doubt we´d come be coming up with THAT many custom things that are worth putting in anyway. Anyway...if we wanted to find a way to include some respectable customization options without confusing new users or slowing down or cluttering the skin unnecesarily, it seems to me that this would be a good way to approach it.

- Bigfoot87 - 2007-11-22

Just curious... is the project still active?

- timdog82001 - 2007-11-22

Maybe. What´s it worth to you?

- HarshReality - 2007-11-23

Well that question sucks

- timdog82001 - 2007-11-23

mine or his? mine was a joke obviously...by the way bigfoot, yes its still alive. But i will say no more!

- Bigfoot87 - 2007-11-23

timdog82001 Wrote:mine or his? mine was a joke obviously...by the way bigfoot, yes its still alive. But i will say no more!

Allright, I'll wait patiently and support it by don't ask any more questions Wink Tongue

- LoL - 2007-12-03

I assume you're all doing a great job!! Keep it up! :-)

I kinda liked mockups and previews of development.. :p

- MikeBeecham - 2007-12-05

This skin is going very well at the moment...we are really starting to get a consistent look and feel through the parts of the skin that are being worked on.

We are really looking at doing a lot of things 'out of the box'. Already there are aspects to the skin that you've not seen, and there is more to come. I'm not going to get any cats out of any bags...and you need to bear in mind it is a long time to come yet...

...but it's already worth the wait.

- HarshReality - 2007-12-05

Good deal, no screenshots, no 'preview of coming attractions', just drop a line now and again so we are aware its still alive (unlike some SVN projects where the last alteration date is June).

I look forward to the fruit of your efforts guys!

- MikeBeecham - 2007-12-05

HR...I'm really, really excited about where the project is going both in terms of design AND functionality....the guys are really working hard on this, so the fruits will be good I think!

- willers.nail - 2007-12-06

I must say I too have only been reading about this "Fluid" skin today and it looks like it is going to be deadly. Very Excited about seeing end product Big Grin would love to help in some way but not sure of what is needed?