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Please close my account - glomb.mail - 2012-03-04

Can an admin please delete my account,thanks in advance.

- ronie - 2012-03-04

closed, as requested.

thank you for flying xbmc.

Please close my account - NicoHood - 2015-05-31

I dont have any rights to post this into offtopic, so I post it here.
I cannot PM any administrator and noone responds via email.

Can any admin please delete my Account and this thread as well?
Please write me back an email.

Thanks you.

RE: Delete Forum Account - Ned Scott - 2015-05-31

Why do you waste our time by asking this? You had five posts about using a mouse to control Kodi. If you don't want your forum account then just don't logon anymore.

RE: Delete Forum Account - da-anda - 2015-06-01

as for the PM issue, see http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=228341

RE: Delete Forum Account - Kib - 2015-06-02

I don't see why this needs much talk. Done.
Posts remain - we do not remove posts as a general rule.

I can't write you back an email either because I just deleted your email address.

Please delete my account - sidekick1212 - 2016-02-21


I opened an account on the forum. Can you tell me how to close it?

RE: Close account - DarrenHill - 2016-02-21

Thread moved to website & forum as it's a site request.

You would probably have had better response had you not posted the request in a random thread in the video add-ons section though...

RE: Close account - ronie - 2016-02-21

account closed as requested.

RE: Close account - SASavva86 - 2016-03-16

(2016-02-21, 14:02)ronie Wrote: account closed as requested.

Ronie can you close mine too please?

RE: Close account - Sonnie - 2016-04-04

Can you delete my account!

RE: Close account - ronie - 2016-04-05


delete my account please, thanks in advance. - enosrevlah - 2016-05-29

Can an admin please delete my account,thanks in advance.

RE: delete my account please, thanks in advance. - ronie - 2016-05-29


Unsubscribe me - [email protected] - 2016-08-15

Only English?

Unsubscribe me now, please!

Thanks FOR all

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