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How do I create "actions" for menu (e.g. save Favorite to a "Movie Favorite" sub - gowestwardho - 2016-09-22

First off I apologize if I don't have the semantic wording of the items just right, but I've learned a lot already through trial and error. I settled on CHROMA and I love the way even in the default skin mode I could easily right-click on a movie or show and say "Add to Favorites" and voila there it was.

But now I want to go a step further and have added/created MOVIE FAVORITES and TV SHOW FAVORITES and SEARCH FAVORITES (i.e. Exodus, Phoenix) so that instead of using the default Favorites and having something like 220 Movies, TV shows and Exodus, Phoenix, Genesis, etc. all show up in one long scrolling list - I could instead have separate lists.

So two things:
1)How do I set the menu parameters so that my newly created TV SHOW FAVORITES will perform a similiar "action" as the stock Chroma "Favorites" does? Obviously right now it does nothing and I tried setting the "Action" but I don;t uno the correct way to do that or which actions to even assign to it to make it work)

2)How do I make it so when I conduct a Search, find my movie, and right-click it, I can tell it which of these Favorites submenu's it should display inside of? (Right now even though I created those three additional custom favorites submenu items, I have no way to get anything to go into them).

I'm hoping there's a way to do this and that the answer isn't that I must manually move each movie into the MOVIE FAV by hand.As that's just as cumbersome as the "Move Up/Down" selector for the Favorites list.

Can I do this, how so, and is there a specific Chroma 'manual" I should know about? (and again, if all these various skin's follow the exact same Kodi instructions, I apologize. It's just that Chroma seemed to act so different than say Confluence in that I never could right-click on a movie and hit Save to Favorites, and have it ever show up there automatically like it does in Chroma.


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