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Possible to have a USB memstick install with XBMC? - djdafreund - 2007-10-18

I know nothing about linux, albeit i tried 3-4 times to use it over the past 8 years off and on, and want to start getting used to Ubuntu. But i wondered, FOR NOW, is it possible to make an install on a USB stick (2gig or so) with it booting into XBMC linux version?
I'm sure more people would love to know about this to start using the xbmc builds and more so in the future, but yet aren't quite up to date with using linux. Or even, people that only will use Ubuntu JUST to be able to use linux XBMC builds. I simply will choose to use Ubuntu because of XBMC, and because it's labeled as the multimedia optimized version linux to use.
I have a raid system myself, and tried using the bootable ubuntu disc to start messing around with getting linux xbmc up and running, and ran into errors at bootup, so it's already beyond me with a raid setup and amd64bit. But i DID try at least before asking questions.

- jmarshall - 2007-10-18

You need to first get ubuntu working (via a bootdisc or whatever).

Once that is done, there's no reason an XBMC setup can't be put on a USB memory stick.

- djdafreund - 2007-10-18

I know this might not be the best spot to ask, but just a simple quicky here, is there anything special needed to be done if using raid, and using a ubuntu bottable cd normally? I figured using that until i install it perminantly with a dual boot setup. But the CD doesn't even work, on my raid setup. Doesn't make sense, since it's loading the OS from the CD, but i know nothing about linux operations.

Can't wait to start learning, and start messing around with xbmc, and if i do manage to get things right with a working USB install, i will post the files, or link's to my work.

- Gamester17 - 2007-10-19


- djdafreund - 2007-10-20

Thanks so much for that. Thats just what i needed. I can start learning about the rest of the linux xbmc install stuff in time. I just needed a little push. Seriously, thank you for that link. Gotta go and start my journeys. I will post info later once i master getting a working USB Ubuntu AND xbmc for linux working all nicely. It'll make it easier for people that also just want to have a computer boot straight into xbmc. I learn quick too.

- BenO169 - 2007-10-25


Flash Drive Ubuntu 7.10 .. diskless system? - gateway69 - 2007-10-25

We are working on building a system that has the least amount of noise or issues, and I ran across this article today saying you can run 7.10 from a flash drive or usb stick.. after its booted im wondering if their would be issues with xbmc potentially running or requiring some sort of disk access?


- djdafreund - 2007-10-26

Yeah, i actually found that same place shortly after my 1st post. Thanks still though.

- knatsch - 2007-10-26

I am also very sensible to unwanted noises. Because of this my xbmc is running on a 2,5" HDD. In addition I got a nearly silent power supply and cpu cooler.
I can hear the system only when conzentrating on it and of course when no audio is played.
Sorry for bit offtopic.

Linux/Ubuntu on a USB stick? - AbMagFab - 2007-12-15

So I've been slowly installing Ubuntu and XBMC on a USB stick. Still not done, but it seems to be working.

However it also seems to be painfully slow, at least for the install and patching process.

Any recommendations on a super-fast USB stick to do this with?

(Reason is to keep heat and noise to a minimum, so running from a USB stick would do that...)

- PANIC! - 2007-12-16

The Corsair Voyager GT 4GB Ultra High Speed is a really good choice.
Maybe putting a transparent ramdisk over the filesys like knoppix does would increase speed.

- djdafreund - 2007-12-16

I would love to grab some info from you and some files when you sort this out, i've been wanting to do this, and also start learning Ubuntu. I've tried directly on my machine, but i'm using raid 0(stripping) setup and i already got a bunch of info on how to do this, and it's beyond what i'm wanting to go through, and wanted to do this on a USB stick from the start anyway, since i can travel with this method, which is the main reason. Please PM when you get this working. Thanks a bunch in advance!!!

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