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Recording options - chaosmstr - 2016-09-29

I have MP1.15 and Kodi 16.1 on one machine (server), and Kodi 16.1 on a second machine (remote client) on the same wired network.

When I choose to record something from the EPG on the server, I get the option to change how often that recording happens (once, weekdays, all days, etc...)
On the remote client, I do not get options and it auto selects the Record Once option.

How can I enable the expanded recording options on the remote client?

RE: Recording options - margro - 2016-10-02

Before version 16, there was no official way to configure series recordings. I added a workaround for this with a custom addon-specific and skin-specific dialog.
This dialog would pop-up with adding a normal (once) recording e.g. from the EPG.
The dialog that you are seeing/missing is probably the old one because you probably have enabled the MediaPortal PVR addon setting 'Enable old series recording dialog'.
Note that it will only show when this option is enabled (after Kodi restart) and on a few specific skins (e.g. Confluence).

Starting with v16 Kodi supports series recordings but in a different way. You can add them using the right-click menu 'Add Timer' option. This is not my choice, but a Kodi one.

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