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- Nick8888 - 2007-11-01

A Windows program could do this with smb which would also be very useful.

- billyad2000 - 2007-11-11

This is another excellent feature suggestion.

Is there anybody that for one reason of other finds themselve needing to rescan all media occasionally.When you have 1200 movies and 1000s of TV shows this is no fun and takes many hours to get it all right.

There is a db back-up function but this isnt always adequate,
Recently I had a 750GB start to die, producing errors etc. Whilst the drive was under warranty and I managed to save most of my Movies and TV shows it involved a lot of shuffling files around on my PC. When I got the replacement drive I hadn't put the movies and tv back in the same place which meant I had to rescan all the content again.

After this for some reason everything began running really slow scrolling was particularly sluggish and cleaning the db didnt help. As a result of this i ended up starting fresh which meant I had to rescan all content yet again. But now i've noticed that the scraper was slightly broke and the stars of each movie are missing so sooner or later im going to have to scan them yet again.

It would be a fantastic feature to allow the saving to an nfo file the xml data scanned for each movie along with a tbn, these could be stored with each movie on my server.

This feature would be high on my small list of neccesary improvements to XBMC

- jmarshall - 2007-11-11

As I already said: I've implemented this, but there are still some things to think through, namely:

1. Where to store said files. Should they be next to the movie (most useful for users?) or in a different folder (not so useful - think filename conflicts and so on).

2. Should we prompt for overwrite, or ignore (think backing up when you've just added 10 movies to a 1200 movie collection!)

3. Should this functionality also be contained within an optional setting "save nfo file on scan"

IMO number 3 sounds like the idle way, but it is not without issues as well! We get issues when the scan goes wrong, as it's occasionally going to do outside of our control (eg 3rd party website changes)


- Jezz_X - 2007-11-11

1) ask by means of filebrowser dialog with a static item for "Same place as Media" Maybe default highlighted

2) I think just go for ovewrite XBMC never asks if you want to over write anything (filemanager) why start now

3) although nice seems a little wastefull and also presents issues of being able to choose your path

- jmarshall - 2007-11-11

But in the case of choosing a path that is NOT the media path (good suggestion on how to handle that btw) what do we do with the filenames? Try and match them to the filename of the movie? Do some sort of CRC (thumbhash type thing)? Save using the movie name (can't see how that is much use for re-scanning - how do we get from filename to moviename?)


- Rand Al Thor - 2007-11-11

I'd suggest save as filename. There would be no issues with too long names as the corresponding file names would already be compliant. Just my 2 pence.

- jmarshall - 2007-11-12

Trouble with that is:


Among others. Also, RAR paths (or files within RARs) are another special case.

- Gamester17 - 2007-11-12

jmarshall Wrote:Trouble with that is:


Among others. Also, RAR paths (or files within RARs) are another special case





Would not work? Huh

- jmarshall - 2007-11-12

No, that won't work.

VIDEO_TS.IFO is the filename for ALL DVD folders.

Thus, if you have 2, and you are saving to somewhere OTHER than the media's own path, it's going to overwrite.

The problem with rars' is 2 video files in the same rar. Saving using XBMC's internal RAR path is useless to the user.

The problem exists only when saving the .nfo files to somewhere OTHER than where the media files lie. Come up with a solution for that and we're in business.

- Rand Al Thor - 2007-11-12

What if in the case of VIDEO_TS.IFO it saved them into a folder structure just like the movie so the file could then be merged with the folder later? for example it would save 300/VIDEO_TS/VIDEO_TS.nfo ? Not really sure about Rars but i think this would work for saving to an path other than the original.

- Jezz_X - 2007-11-12

Look i'm all for buyer beware If you choose not to save them to the same dir as the media then you take the risk of the filenames being cut off for fatx limitations and getting over written for mulitple

And basically the whole point of being able to choose a destination was for people without writable shares so they can manually copy them over maybe just maybe if its a generic filename like video.ts and not saved to original source it can use VideoName.nfo instead so people know what movie its for and can rename it ?

P.S when I original suggested it I didn't mean it as a backup/restore feature (we allready have that) I meant it as easy way to make .nfo files

- SleepyP - 2007-11-13

I am extremely pleased to see this feature making it into XBMC.
Let me see if I am understanding the goal:
This option would give you the ability to export the database record for a given element in the library out to an XML formatted plaintext document with the .nfo file extension.
This file could then be placed alongside the file in the share, and thenwhen scanning that location into the database, the record would be pulled from the local file and NOT the selected scraper.

The main sticking point right now is "what do you want me to do if I'm NOT exporting to a file alongside the video file?", right?

I think one other option would be to define a specific directory to export all the dbase files to, either local or via SMB. Would it be possible to determine file system and read / write attributes at export time?

- Jezz_X - 2007-11-13

its not just for a given element its for the whole database to seperate files not files one by one

- SleepyP - 2007-11-13

here's another question: what about TV episodes?

- Jezz_X - 2007-11-13

Tv episodes can't be scanned by info file currently so it would only work for movies and music videos

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