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- flamez - 2008-01-30

I too would love to see this added to XBMC. Thanks for making XBMC the Best!

- Rand Al Thor - 2008-02-02

So, have we successfully come up with all of the "what if" scenarios? Wink This is a great feature. It would be a shame if it never came to fruition. Just wondering if any final decisions have been made. Cheers.

- buzzra - 2008-02-18

Still patiently waiting for good news about this request. Big Grin

- Jezz_X - 2008-02-18

me too

- timdog82001 - 2008-02-18

me as well

- hank - 2008-02-19

wouldt be great!

- billyad2000 - 2008-02-26

I Don't know if anyone is interested but I have written a small program in VB that uses the exported "videodb.xml" file to create the seperate .nfo files

It correctly names all the files i.e moviename.nfo
and saves them all to correctly named subfolders.

I've started a new topic http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=31511

anyone who can provide suggestions or is willing to test the program please use the above thread

Backup movie info and cover art? - MeeKs - 2008-04-21

Once I get my movies all setup and scanned is there a way to backup the cover art it downloads and the info so I wont have to rescan and add custom covers? thanks and keep up the good work!

- sho - 2008-04-21

why would you want to rescan and add custom covers (or not)?

- phunkysai - 2008-04-21

I believe he is referring to the fact that sometimes we are being asked to wipe out our Application Data/XBMC folder (on the Mac) when we have issues (we're not at version 1.0 yet). When we do this, we have to rescan our entire libraries again and add custom art again.

- MeeKs - 2008-04-21

^^ thats the reason

- MeeKs - 2008-04-21

and i add custom covers because imdb likes to grab movie posters which i don't care for. sometimes they are real low resolution and look bad on my tv.

- jeremymc7 - 2008-04-21

I'd love an easy way to do this as well. The info that's scraped isn't always 100% acurate and artwork isn't what I would always want either. I'd prefer to select / load in the correct info and have the ability to re-use it with each new version. Or even just wiping to clear / test for bugs.

Having to re-scrap, manually correct wrong (less then ideal) data / artwork is getting real tiring. And manually trying to figure out, set-up, and config .nfo and artowrk files is complex (for fairly newbee) and time consuming as well given hundreds or thousands of files.

Ack !

- ChoccyHobNob - 2008-04-21

You can put a file in with your movie called moviename.nfo for the text and moviename.tbn for the cover art

see this thread, it might help. Sadly the tool in discussion is windows only


- sho - 2008-04-21

On the Xbox version you could back up your Userdata/Thumbnails folder.
No idea if it applies to OS X though

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