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disable right click back - karower - 2016-10-04

I don't know wether it's skin related.
I use Krypton with my Raspberry Pi 3 (OSMC) and an egalax touchscreen.
When scrolling through long lists by using the scroll bar from time to time it happens that I accidentally hit a blank area. The result is that I go back to the home screen. That's pretty annoying. I already changed includes.xml to have a wider scroll bar.

Is it possible to disable the right click on blank area function without losing the possibility to call the context menu? Or do you have any other thoughts to improve that accidentally go to home screen behaviour?

RE: disable right click back - ronie - 2016-10-04

i can't reproduce it. it might be platform specific maybe... as i can only test on android.
as long as i keep i my finger on the screen, the scrollbar will keep focus, even if i move my finger away from it.
touching a blank are won't take me back to the previous screen, only after a longpress.

RE: disable right click back - karower - 2016-10-05

OK. As soon as I leave the scroll bar area it is not focused anymore. I also have Kodi installed on my Windows PC with touchscrenn. There it behaves as you described.
In order to use the capacitive touchscreen I have to use uinput mapper. It acts more like a mouse. One other side effect is that I'm not able to swipe through lists. I don't know wether it's any different with the original Raspberry Pi touchscreen.

RE: disable right click back - karower - 2016-10-12

I was wrong about the blank area. It seems the scrollbar is identified as blank area. After a long press on the scrollbar without touching any blank area it goes back.
I guess it`s not skin related. What's the problem here?

RE: disable right click back - ronie - 2016-10-12

well, that's intended behaviour in kodi.

longpress on a item in the list = contextmenu
longpress anywhere outside the list = back

there's no way afaik to change this.

RE: disable right click back - karower - 2016-10-14

One more question.
With my old configuration I used Gotham and a skin called CarPC-touch. When I did a right click there was a square opening to signalise that the right click has been identified.
Is it possible to integrate it within the skin? Where is that behaviour stored?

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