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[XBOX] T3CH Upgrader (Python Script) - BigBellyBilly - 2007-10-25

My favourite xbmc builds are the T3CH builds and although they include a downloading script, I wanted to extend its functionality to do a more complete installation, eliminating any ftp'ing or UserData and scripts etc.

So that's what I've done. Its called 'T3CH Upgrader'.
In summery it does this:

1) Enter & save settings on first run.
Enter Installation path - eg E:\apps\
Enter Shortcut path - Used to create the dash booting cfg in C:\

2) Contact T3CH site to get build url.
3) Detect build version and determine if its (date) newer than your own.
It does this by extracting the date from T3CH build url name, converting into time and comparing to your running System.buildDate.

4) Display a Menu with options:
View Changelog - Obvious option
Download T3CH build - See below
Settings - Change settings

5) Selecting Download Option will:
Download and unpack rar
Copy your UserData to new build
- If keymap.xml is different, only copy if user a OKs it.

6) Copies your Scripts (not overwriting included)

7) Copies your Plugins (not overwriting included)

8) Create dash booting Shortcut (on c:\) using supplied setting (makes a backup first)
So, using the Team XBMC Shortcut create files C:\xbmc.xbe and C:\xbmc.cfg
CFG will now point to new build installation name.

8) When everything finished OK, Prompt for Reboot.

On reboot: check the system info should indicate new build is

I've contacted T3CH and he was happy to at least consider it for inclusion in future T3CH builds, after review. Which would ideal.

However I'm offering it up here as a limited download, from H E R E so it can be tested by a few more people and gauge feedback, before release to xbmcscripts.com or maybe SVN ??

Nuka: as you were the original dev of the T3CH Loader, I would especially appreciate your views ?

If your willing to try it, although it does make a backup of your C:\<dash booting name>.xbe & cfg - You might want to be extra safe and make your own backup. I should note. It does not delete any xbmc folder/files (apart from the downloaded rar at end of script).

Over to you ...


- BigBellyBilly - 2007-10-25

If anyone speaks Swedish or Finnish, could they check the language files. I did them with an online translation tool and have no idea how accurate they are !?


- asg - 2007-10-25

Would be helpful if you could post up a link to the script Smile

- asg - 2007-10-25

damnit .. did not see the "here". sorry for that Blush

- asg - 2007-10-25

me again Smile

First of thank you for this script.

You should let the user know what to browse for via a dialog or something. When using the script within MC360 the dialogs aren't readable because the lines do not wrap.


- BigBellyBilly - 2007-10-25

I must admit I did it with a PMIII skin. Seems its dialogs can fit more on per line than a MC360 'side' sliding dialog.

I will try and reword some of them so they fit better.

You managed a successful installation then ? no other issues ?

- BigBellyBilly - 2007-10-25

I've run it whilst using MC360 skin and I've noticed a things;

The line length of Menu option 'Download: <build_name> ' scrolls - This is caused by skin not giving enough width to the standard selectable list that's created.

When doing the settings, the Browse for files doesn't show the Heading thats passed in. This is down to the skin interpretation of the standard Browse dialog.

View Log doesnt have a background - Script is asking for 'dialog-panel.png' which mc360 doesnt possess, I'll change this so the panel is bundled with script.

Thats all I've seen. Spotted any other ?

- Nuka1195 - 2007-10-25

BBB, if you want included in the scripting svn, pm me. You need a gmail account.

- shizzle - 2007-10-25

i speak swedish Smile

- BigBellyBilly - 2007-10-25

shizzle: would you take a look at the swedish language file and double check it against the english one ?

nuke1195: gmail ok already have one (listed in script) . I'll just let any bugs/oddities creep out from a few days of extra testing then I'll pm you about it.

What do you think about the logo, if its becomes used by T3CH then fine, but otherwise should it be changed ?

- jmarshall - 2007-10-26

Writing to the shortcut on C: sounds like trouble to me - perhaps I misunderstood the process, though.


- blittan - 2007-10-26

jmarshall: it rewrites only the cfg, but copies the .xbe if it doesn't exist.

BBB: let me put this in a friendly way.. your swedish translation sucks Smile

Here is a new one: http://pastebin.com/mab367e4

- jmarshall - 2007-10-26

Rewriting the cfg is enough to brick an xbox if anything happens while you are rewriting it. Not saying it will happen - just that IMO it's not worth the risk. If it's optional, then no problem Smile

- BigBellyBilly - 2007-10-26

lol. Guess I won't be using http://www.tranexp.com again then! Thanks for the file.

However using your file fails with error 'can't be parsed' (from language.py)
If I swap any accented characters (eg å, ä to a and ö to o) It does parse ok.
I'll look into the language.py file see if theres anything that can be done.

Any users from other countries want to help provide a translate for say, French , German .... ?

- BigBellyBilly - 2007-10-26

tbh. During the course of deving this I've not had a bad reboot ever. but, ...

Even if I write cfg to .cfg_new instead, the user would still have to rename it (via ftp) to .cfg inorder to see if the installation works. So they end up in the same position.

I understand your concerns thou. but any booting failure simply requires the user to boot from a dash on a disc and ftp in to swap the cfg_old back in.