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RE: Intel Kaby Lake Hardware - HDGMA - 2018-07-12


Intel driver.

RE: Intel Kaby Lake Hardware - billbillw - 2018-10-31

(2018-06-14, 20:34)billbillw Wrote:
(2018-06-14, 00:30)Krautmaster Wrote: all really all Audio runs fine with the latest Milehouse Builds and a patched / fw updated Kaby Nuc. But HDR, no go.
 Apparently not with Yamaha receivers (me). I haven't had luck with the Milhouse LibreELEC (as of early May) in getting TrueHD or DTS-HD Master to bitstream with my setup. (NUC7i3BN, LSPCon updated to 1.66)

NUC>HDMI>A3010>Epson Projector.

I gave up with LibreELEC and went to a Windows 10 install and the latest official Kodi release for Windows. That works fine with all formats and refresh rates (at least up to 1080p that I use, no 4K in my near future).  
 So I can confirm that it was definitely something with the Yamaha receiver. My A3010 died suddenly, so I replaced it with an Integra DTR-50.5 (same as Onkyo NR828) and now the NUC>HDMI>Integra>Epson works perfectly to pass DTS HD MA and TrueHD and it doesn't seem to care whether I'm running 60p or 24p. By the way, I am using one of the official LibreElec Leia Alpha versions (8.90.x) and it fully supports the Kaby Lake chips.

RE: Intel Kaby Lake Hardware - Milhouse - 2018-10-31

(2018-10-31, 15:47)billbillw Wrote: So I can confirm that it was definitely something with the Yamaha receiver.

Thanks for the update/confirmation. Unfortunately some AVRs (mainly Denon/Marantz - same thing - but also Yamaha) have proven to be more of a PITA than other brands when it comes to HD audio. I've never had a problem with Onkyo myself (first a TX-NR905, currently a TX-NR828) and of course while no brand is bug free it's fairly easy (IMHO) to avoid those brands that are known to be more problematic whenever anyone is in the market for a new AVR...

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