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RE: MOD AEON MQ7 KRYPTON - Karellen - 2017-10-23

Should be. I am on Kodi v17.4 on Win 10

Can you post a screenshot of what you have, and I can download the same add-on and see if I get the same.

Upload images to here... https://imgbb.com/

RE: MOD AEON MQ7 KRYPTON - RobbieWilkes - 2017-10-23


I'm running on both Windows 8.1 & Windows 10, with the Aeon MQ7 Krypton skin, so it may be skin related, rather than Kodi / Windows related.

RE: MOD AEON MQ7 KRYPTON - Karellen - 2017-10-23

TV Show Next Aired... Just downloaded it. This is what I see...


Try switching back to the default skin Estuary. It has been a long time since I have used AeonMQ, so can't give you guidance there.

RE: MOD AEON MQ7 KRYPTON - Ices - 2017-10-25

(2017-10-23, 00:22)RobbieWilkes Wrote:
(2017-10-18, 18:29)Ices Wrote: Wow, finally kodi did let me roll back to an earlier version. Thanks Kodi. I still do not see where to set a setting to never update the addon.

Would you mind sharing how you were able to roll it back.  I've tried, and it acts like it's doing it... but, then it's still the "new" version.

Also, I don't believe there's any way to just disable a single addon from being updated.  You must disable automatic updates for all addons.  I set it to alert for updates, so that I can manually upgrade going forward.

Hi I set it to update then it gave me 2 choices so I chose the later one Smile

RE: MOD AEON MQ7 KRYPTON - emiralles - 2017-10-25

I tried in leia and I don't had any problem. anybody did it too?

RE: MOD AEON MQ7 KRYPTON - AnthonyJS02 - 2017-10-29

Any luck on getting this to run in Leia?

RE: MOD AEON MQ7 KRYPTON - jasn - 2017-10-29

Greetings Emiralles. I am still very much enjoying this skin. Two items you might look into for future versions?

1. Music Visualization #5 (my own creation, initially) does not correctly display the Next Track correctly any longer. I've looked into the visualization file and do not see what the problem may be.

2. When looking at Album tracks would you please enable the individual track ratings to be displayed alongside the track title? I see this working for other skins; Titan for one.

Thanks in advance if you could find the time to look into these.


RE: MOD AEON MQ7 KRYPTON - Paolo69 - 2017-10-31

I have a problem with Android and aeon mq7 skin codes I created the Movie 3D movie in the main menu as I put a 3d movie folder in this location I tried but found them in the main menu movie ,step by step guide thank you.

RE: MOD AEON MQ7 KRYPTON - deadhunter - 2017-10-31


RE: MOD AEON MQ7 KRYPTON - krater9 - 2017-11-02

Hi all,

Can someone maybe help me out, on the below screen I don't get any info. What am I'm doing wrong?

RE: MOD AEON MQ7 KRYPTON - ronie - 2017-11-02

@krater9 please use a free service like imgur for hosting images.
the one you're using requires a login.

RE: MOD AEON MQ7 KRYPTON - krater9 - 2017-11-02

Sorry for that, I try again:

I have already for a long time a issue with MQ7, the problem is that I don't get any info as show below in the screenshot. I already tried the fix to change the process.py but no luck.
I'm on windows Kodi 7.5.1, anyone with a idea to fix this?


Greetings Ron

RE: MOD AEON MQ7 KRYPTON - prpaulorossi - 2017-11-04

Hi there,

I have a mecool with chipset Amlogic S905 and I´ve kodi running in libreelec from a microSD. In the main skin ( confluence ) when i choose to shutdown the box i get 4 options and one of them reboots for the SO of the Mecool (android tv ) ... Because I love this skin i put the skin in use but when i choose to shutdown i don´t get the option to reboot to SO of the box ...
I´m I doing something wrong or it just doesn´t have this possibility ?!?!? I really need the possiblity to reboot to the SO of the Mecool because I use some apps in it ...
Thanks !!!

RE: MOD AEON MQ7 KRYPTON - jasn - 2017-11-07

Please remind me where in this skin to find the setting to Not Show fanart background if there is none to be found, as opposed to incorrectly showing fanart from the last artist.  This exists ,yes?

RE: MOD AEON MQ7 KRYPTON - prpaulorossi - 2017-11-09

Hi there, I appreciate your help in the following: I need to add the option “ reboot form internal “ ( I have dual boot, the native Android and Libreelec in sdcard,  in a Mecool M8S Pro+) in the folder Shutdown... In this folder I find several options ( like: shutdown, reboot, hibernate, etc ) … I have this option in the main skin ( confluence ?!?!! ) of krypton in libreelec but when I migrate to aeonmq7.krypton.mod I lost that option. Meanwhile I receive the following help :

I'm using the aeon mq7 mod also. Heres how to to add reboot to internal button. 1. Winscp into your box.2. Navigate to aeon mq 7 folder .kodi/addons/aeonmq7.mod/1080i/ 3. Double click the DialogButtonMenu.xml to open file.4. Search for the words reboot you should see code similiar to following Code
    1. <item>
    2. <!-- Reboot -->
    3. <label>Reboot</label>
    4. <onclick>XBMC.Reboot()</onclick>
    5. </item>
5. Under that paste the following to add the button. Code
    1. <item>
    2. <!-- Reboot to Internal -->
    3. <label>Reboot to Internal</label>
    4. <onclick>System.ExecWait("/usr/sbin/rebootfromnand")</onclick>
    5. </item>
6. Save changes and reboot box (or switch to another skin and switch back to mq7). Press letter on your keyboard to bring up the power menu. Hopefully Reboot to internal option should be listed. It may take a few seconds after you click it for the box to reboot into android. Hope this works for you. 

Unfortunally It didn´t work because I didn´t find the mention to reboot anywhere … I did find something familiar, to the code he mention, below shutdown. Can anyone point me for the right file/.xml where I could find the option Reboot and put the code mention above ?!?!?!

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