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Playing music issues - DaFixer - 2016-10-30

Hi Kodi fan's
Like what title says I got some issues when playing (mp3) music, when playing sometimes it freeze for a sliptsecond and then continue playing.
This happens 1 a 2 times a song, very annoying so what can I do?

I also got two another problems when playing music...
First most off time the fanart is not working, first it was working.
Second music lyrics don't work most off the time...

My setup is a Raspberry Pi 2 with OpenELEC 6.00 with Kodi 15.2.
Connected to a gigabit router all wired to a Qnap NAS 419p

RE: Playing music issues - DaveBlake - 2016-10-30

The general advice would be to upgrade to a newer version of Kodi. As a stable release v16.1 has been available for quite some time, but you could also consider trying v17 which is in beta. Persoanlly I would also switch the LibreElec https://libreelec.tv/about/, it runs great on my RP and is very easy to install etc.

RE: Playing music issues - DaFixer - 2016-11-01

Thanks, for your reply.
I will try that LibreElec Wink

RE: Playing music issues - DaFixer - 2016-11-19

Sorry I was very busy.
I tryed LibreElec, works great to setup and flash sd card. But after using last LibeElec version (Kodi 16.2)
I still got this "laggy" music playback, so then there something wrong with my router or nas.
But I found a solution, I copy all my music to a USB stick and plug it in my Kodi setup and work without any lag.

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