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DSF files and audible "pop" between tracks - TheShoe - 2016-11-15

I have several DSF files ripped from SACD iso files.

These files in Kodi are downsampled to 192/24 and output as PCM over HDMI to my Oppo player

There is an audible "pop" between tracks.

If I rip from ISO to DFF, this does not occur, but DFF does not support tagging.

I've tried a few different applications to do the rip but all result in the same "pop"

JRiver has no issues with the DSF files, and I suspect this is in the Kodi audio engine. it may have something to do with the lack of zero padding in DSF files that have blocks at the end of a track that are not "filled" (or something along those lines based on some googling around).

In any case, would anyone be able to confirm this issue?

RE: DSF files and audible "pop" between tracks - fischgourmet - 2016-11-19

The "pop" is in the end of song. Bug in Kodi. With foorbar+sacd_input works fine.


Kodi 17 beta5 dont support multichannel dsf.

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