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KODi to Read .vsmeta - sub-80 - 2016-11-22

Hey Guys;

How to get KODI to read .vsmeta so that I don't need to change all htpcs only video station in my synology nas.


RE: KODi to Read .vsmeta - ironic_monkey - 2016-11-22

you have to write the code to do so.

RE: KODi to Read .vsmeta - sub-80 - 2016-11-27

That sucks

RE: KODi to Read .vsmeta - myron - 2017-03-20

There's currently only a workaround;
You could use a media manager to do this job.

tinyMediaManager is capable of reading all the metadata and movie IDs out of a .VSMETA file. (but no images yet)
It would then create valid .NFO files, which in return could be read/imported by Kodi.

But it doesn't work out, when there are frequent changes in Synology's VideoStation.
You would have to delete them from TMM and Kodi, and repeat that process again and again.
But as a kickstart... yes Smile

For more than 2 htpcs, a Kodi setup with a database (on Synology's mysql) might be a better approach to sync them...