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Subtitles need work? - tri2002 - 2016-12-02

I can't find a way to know which are the available subtitles embedded in the movie file or to choose them, when I click on the subtitles icon it leads me to the subtitle download and never again I can choose the pre existing subs without manually going to the subs fles and.deleting them. Is this an issue?

RE: Subtitles need work? - Tgxcorporation - 2016-12-02

You can control embedded subtitles from the audio icon in osd.


RE: Subtitles need work? - tri2002 - 2016-12-02

Great, thanks-

Subtitles need work - andrzej147 - 2017-06-14

How is that going to square with the order my boss gave me, which was, "We have to work faster"

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