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Just a suggestion - Sum Dum Goy - 2007-12-21

Why no make this into Deb or RPM or even YUM packages instead of plain source code it would solve a lot of dumb question on here about how to install or whats wrong with this. most of the time when something is wrong with a program in linux that was installed using source code its the users fault. Deb RPM or Yum Packages will eliminate user errors.

- rodalpho - 2007-12-21

It's still in alpha. When it reaches beta status I'm sure it'll be packaged.

- pike - 2007-12-21

correct, we dont target endusers/endusage yet however stable it may be certain days.

anyone is free to package it for now, I know some people are looking into it

- Sum Dum Goy - 2007-12-21

also why do you need shader 3.0 for a program that ran fine on a xbox that only have shader 2.0. just seems weird for it to be targeted for highend linux users which is a oxymoron.

- Gamester17 - 2007-12-21

@Sum Dum Goy, please read through this article about the XBMC Linux port, it has all the answers for the questions you asked so far:

...the forum rules clearly states that you must search and read the manual before posting!

- notdenizen - 2007-12-22

Sum Dum Goy Wrote:highend linux users which is a oxymoron.

So the 60% of the worlds top 500 supercomputers (http://www.forbes.com/2005/03/15/cz_dl_0315linux.html) that run linux only do so because they aren't high end enough for a real OS?