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RE: ReEstuarized - Marjinoz - 2017-03-27

(2017-03-26, 07:13)fliphusker Wrote: Downloaded the zip and went to unzip it and got an error.

I also get an error

RE: ReEstuarized - Black_Panter - 2017-04-24

I like the skin how can I translate it into German

RE: ReEstuarized - mattyspurs76 - 2017-06-27

Unable to download repo from link in first page or from github

RE: ReEstuarized - AsinineRepublic - 2017-07-04

Is this skin still being updated? Don't see any posts from the OP for months... I know lack of time was mentioned just wondering if that's still the case as the last 3 or so posts all mention an error installing/downloading...

EDIT: I also tried to download the main repo link and the webpage no longer works. The repo files can be downloaded from the Github link but do not install in kodi.
Thats a shame, I wanted to try this skin Sad

RE: ReEstuarized - im85288 - 2017-07-04

Hi guys,

I have recently started doing a few tweaks again (this time to the pvr area) and hope to release that in the next couple of weeks. Unfortunately I have not been following the Kodi skin development for quite some time so have fallen behind with all the latest and greatest but my intention is to give that another go soon.

As for the repo link not working...I’ll look into that and post back later.

If anyone has any ideas for the pvr section or areas to improve in general just post here and although I may not respond immediately I do come back to see what’s up now and again.


RE: ReEstuarized - im85288 - 2017-07-04

(2017-04-24, 16:54)Black_Panter Wrote: I like the skin how can I translate it into German

Please send a pull request on my GitHub link in the first post. Or alternatively just pm me the translated file and I’ll get that included.

RE: ReEstuarized - im85288 - 2017-07-04

The link to the repo (on the first page) has now been updated, dropbox must have changed something that caused the link to expire, Thanks for reporting

RE: ReEstuarized - Zcraft9000 - 2018-04-02

Hey im using ur skin and when i customized the home widgets i wont load the home page and for the last 2 years i cant get the next up service to work but the skin is great. Im using kodi 17.6 on a 2nd gen fire tv box and the service is updated to v.37 and it wont show uo at the end of a show every once in a while it shows up but it says play file not found and playback error

RE: ReEstuarized - Sunnysky - 2018-04-03

I wish Estuary could scale the addons and other objects on the screen and fonts so that they aren't so huge on a big screen which could fit twice as many addons per screen or text as it does.

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