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Trouble with Video playback - ArmaniG - 2017-01-06

Hey everyone I am new this this forum but been using XBMC since the Xbox days! So I have run into a little stressful issue.
I have looked all over and could not find anything. So this is what I am having trouble with Video will stop playing or not play at all
on Kodi 17 while I have plex server running on the same PC. I have a PC connected to my TV and it runs Kodi and plex server, I have not
had any issues with this setup for years!! I also just did a complete format because I was lost on this issue. All Videos are local videos
that are coming out of my NAS drive (DNS-300, D-Link) two four terabyte drives. So when I close my plex server all movies seem to play fine
and not stop 5, 20 or 40mins into the video. I turn plex server back on and the trouble comes back.

Any info would help guys its driving me nuts lol!

RE: Trouble with Video playback - ArmaniG - 2017-01-07

Wow nothing eh... Sad

RE: Trouble with Video playback - Dangelus - 2017-01-07

(2017-01-07, 11:15)ArmaniG Wrote: Wow nothing eh... Sad

Perhaps you would get a better response if you provided a link to your http://kodi.wiki/view/Debug_Log replicating the issue.

Also the more information you provide the easier it is for somebody to help. Here is a guide: http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=42708 for Windows platform but it mostly applies.

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