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Bopper36 Kodi Set-ups - Bopper36 - 2017-01-16

My Equipment:

Computer: Lenovo – Windows 7 Home Edition
Processor: Intel Core i5 – 2300 CPU @ 2.90 GHZ
Ram: 6GB
System Type: 64 bit

Router: Motorola Surfboard Docsis SBG-6580 3.0 wireless gigabit router
with 4 ports. Streaming of Netflix, Hulu, etc is via the router connected with a Cat 5 cable to the Netgear Powerline AV-500 and sent to the home theater room smart DVD player using the house’s electrical lines, quality is very good. Download Speedtest: 51 (Theater is located 80 feet from Router in office)

Smart DVD Player: Samsung 3D/Blu-Ray player, model # DMP-BDT 310

Screen: Stewart 110” ‘Studio-Tek 130’ Screen
Projector in Home Theater: JVC- Performance Series – DLA-X30, which is a 3D HD Projector

AV Receiver is a Pioneer Elite SC-25 THX receiver

Office: Samsung 42” LED
Family Room: Samsung 65” Plasma

3 Kodi Android Boxes: NVIDIA Shield (2017) , Matricom G BoxQ2 & Minix u9-h

My Internet Connection:
Without VPN turned on: 175
With VPN turned on: 61

RE: Bopper36 Kodi Set-ups - danejaho - 2017-01-24

We need pictures! Nod

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