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Ember List View Categories? - MrTIBS - 2017-01-29


Firstly, just a huge thanks for having created Ember, and to those now doing their best to keep it going - I've been using for a couple years now but decided to recently upgrade it.

My question is whether there's a way to remove certain categories from being included in the LIST VIEW (left pane) which are deemed either useless or just preferred hidden?

For example, I may have no want for seeing the "Watched" category here, nor the "Landscape" or "DiscArt" or "ClearLogo". I've tried to find this myself within Ember, as well as on the forum, but cannot find anything which relates to it, only that of the tickbox options within the SETTINGS but those only seem to apply to whether those ITEMS appear in the RIGHT pane graphically. I only want to be able to 'hide' them from the left pane as so many of them mean that there's very little space left for the actual movie titles to fit in!

Does an option for this exist which I have somehow missed, or is it a feature which could maybe be implemented in future builds?

Thanks again,


RE: Ember List View Categories? - DanCooper - 2017-01-29

Settings => Movies/TV Shows => General => Media List Sorting

Double click to hide a column

RE: Ember List View Categories? - MrTIBS - 2017-01-29

Brilliant, that's the one! Thanks very much for the quick answer!

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