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icons order - ontap - 2017-01-30

I can't figure out how to rearrange icons on home screen , e.g., I don't want videos, settings or addons icons on the top row ?
EDIT - managed to do it in xml files thank you, great skin btw.

RE: icons order - wyrm - 2017-01-30


New version will have a much expanded home screen configuration capability, but as to moving icons around that is just too hard at the present time. So you will have to re-add your changes when the update comes through.

At this stage 1.5.0 is ready to go and is just waiting for the updated version of the skin helper script to be available in the main repo. Until that happens I am fixing minor issues and cleaning up the code in preparation for the new version. Other than the Settings icon, you can currently turn off those icons and then duplicate the functionality thru one of the shortcut icons instead. This should then be fine when the update comes thru.

Wyrm (AppTV)

RE: icons order - ontap - 2017-01-30

Ok well I can set it all up again after the update but just me being curious , Lets say i turned off icons like "video,add ons,search etc. When I choose a custom menu item and press set item - I have two default options "None (clear current settings- which is self explanatory) and ( no action) which I haven't a clue how you use , I suspect you must input the name of a plug in at the action or something to do with the?
Other than any saved favourites ( you can't save items like videos,add ons etc to favs as far as I can see ) here are no other options so I don't actually no how to create a "default" item using a custom shortcut icon .
Regarding the update , am hoping that changing the version number will prevent the skin updating ? this is on jarvis , would prefer to keep this as it is and then redo it all when the krypton version is fully released ?

RE: icons order - ontap - 2017-01-30

wyrm , could you please confirm that the only items that will populate the upper shelf are the library movie and tv sections ( I don't use music ) , there is no option for a custom item ( an add-on section for example) to be able to populate the top shelf when highlighted ?

RE: icons order - wyrm - 2017-01-31


A few things to be aware of and keep in mind. Once a beta for the next version of Kodi is released I generally stop development on the current version and move all development to the upcoming version. I do this as it is too difficult to keep track of two very similar versions in my head.

So, next version of skin will be Kyrpton only. So in your case skin will not change until you upgrade to Krypton, probably no need to change the version on your local copy of the skin.

Next version of skin has had some major changes to how I handle the customisation of the home screen. I have greatly expanded the types of shortcuts that are handled in the customisation screen. You will now in addition to be able to assign favourites to shortcut will also be able to assign playlists directly to a shortcut. Also I have included a number of Kodi commands that can be assigned to the shortcut buttons. I have also expanded the number of places that you can assign items from within the context menu to shortcuts on the home menu.

In your case you need to make something a favourite before you can assign it to a shortcut. So clicking on the favourite button will only show those two choices if you have not previously made something a favourite. Favourites are assigned in a items context menu however your system allows you to access that ('c' key on the keyboard when the item is hilited if you are using a keyboard). I also allow the direct assignment of a home menu shortcut from the same context menu (first item in the context menu, but is only available for certain item types).

Now as to the shelf items. The top line of the icon home menu is layed out as it is because the top line is the only place where it is possible to navigate up to the shelf area (Kodi is primarily meant to be used with a remote, mouse and touch usage is a bonus not a given). Even if a home menu item is hidden, it is still there in the menu, just not accessible. For me to know that a menu item can navigate up to the shelf area, the menu item needs to be one of the first five entries in my menu panel code (even if it is not going to be displayed).

I would suggest that you check out the Kodi wiki on favourites and key assignments for your system as I think you are not currently make full use of what the system (and my skin) gives you access to. Get your head around this and you will be ready for the expanded customisation that the new version allows when it ships.

Wyrm (AppTV)