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My Amber Skinning Mod Story - jonheal - 2017-02-13

I have been a happy XBMC/KODI user for many years. I have been perfectly happy with Confluence, but on a whim I tried Amber and really liked it. At some point, listening to music and watching the pretty colors, I anally noticed a few missing pixels at the bottom of the little arrow next to a cover image that points to the title of a song in visualization mode. "I wonder if that can be fixed?" I asked myself. Up to this point, I had never peered into the skin files. But after rummaging around — and Googling for the Texture Compiler/Decompiler — I found the pointer file and added the missing pixels.

And then I fell into the rabbit's hole.

For the past four weeks, I have spent all my free time adjusting this, that and the other tiny detail of Amber to suit my own particular tastes. This was all done with the Jarvis version, by the way. The most obvious change was turning Favorites into an Internet Radio Station repository:



I think I am kind of done, and now, I must reacquaint myself with my family. On the plus side, the family and I now have a REALLY customized KODI experience. Big Grin On the minus side, I can never upgrade again as I cannot bear to lose all of that work. Confused

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