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Music Box app - Funkyphresh - 2017-02-19

Hi Kodi addicts,

this is my very first problem encountered where I felt I had to reach out to the Kodi community for feedback.

The problem surrounds the app Music Box for kodi, I installed it on my Android phone for Kodi to pair with my wireless blu-tooth headphones to listen to while I'm at work and well, the first night I used it, it worked fine and streamed music without a hitch after I logged into VK.com, Last.fm and 8 tracks. So after finding out just how amazing the app was, a few days later I decided to install it onto my Android tablet as well. But now it seems ever since I installed it on two devices I've been getting some atomated message in Russian (I'm guessing) mentioning something about Android IOS whenever I try and stream a song, and this happens after literally everything I try to stream from the app now.

I assume I am being blocked but my major confusion is whyHuh

Since it started happening, I've uninstalled the Music Box app from my tablet to see if the problem had to do with me using the app on more than one device....but that didn't correct it either, I still get this automated message playback on everything I try to play.

Has anyone else ever encountered this problem before? Or know the reason why I would get blocked after just a few successful days of using Music Box?....I am from Canada btw.

I was planning on installing the Music Box app on my Windows 10 version of Kodi to see if the same thing will occur.

Thanks for any feedback,


RE: Music Box app - DaveBlake - 2017-02-19

An addon question, so moving it where more likely to get answer

RE: Music Box app - FXB78 - 2017-02-19

Pretty sure this will end up in the trash anyway, given the addon in question.

RE: Music Box app - peppe_sr - 2017-02-19

me too!

RE: Music Box app - scott967 - 2017-02-21

Sounds like your VK.com account doesn't like the app. Need to find if the add-on creator provides support for it anywhere.

scott s.

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