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[RELEASE] module.ghub - boogiepop - 2017-02-20

Hi This module is a small but a very powerfull one. It loads a github repository to your sys.path in runtime, and updates it whenever there is a new release.
Hope you find it usefull. I generally use it to load latest version of youtube-dl.

You can view the code from, https://github.com/hbiyik/script.module.ghub or download the zipball https://raw.githubusercontent.com/hbiyik/dataserver/master/script.module.ghub/script.module.ghub-0.0.1.zip ,

Your comments are wellcome.

def load(uname, rname, branch, commit=None, path=[], period=24)

Loads, caches, and arranges paths for a repo from github. github repo is downlaoded and extracted to userdata/addon_data/scirpt.module.gub/uname/package/branch/commit It also updates the package automatically in a given period (24h default) Note that this is not a package manager and does not do any dependency check


PHP Code:
import ghub

.load("hbiyik""script.module.boogie""master"None, ["lib"])

#now you can safely import this module
import boogie 


uname github username
rname repository name
branch github branch (ie master), if this parameter is None, latest tagged version is used.
commit [optional,None] commit of the specified branch, if None is specified latest commit is fetched, if brach is None, this parameter is dismissed
path [optional,[]] list of directories pointing to the root directory of source ie, if source is in lib/src folder path should be ["lib", "src"]
Returns: None

Below is an example how to import youtube-dl in runtime with the latest commit from master, and updated in each 24 hours whenever there is a new commit

PHP Code:
import ghub
import sys
import datetime
import time

# fix for sys.stderr.isatty() is not implemented in kodi python interpreter
def proxyisatty():

#fix for datatetime.strptime returns None
class proxydt(datetime.datetime):
def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
super(proxydtself).__init__(*args, **kwargs)

    def strptime

sys.stderr.isatty proxyisatty
.datetime proxydt
#thats it now, you have youtube-dl with the latest commit from master :)
import youtube_dl 

RE: [RELEASE] module.ghub - mujunk - 2017-04-18

Some help with instructions for how to do this for youtube-dl would help.
Noob this end Smile

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