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RE: Problems speed slideshow Kodi 17.x - moravec - 2017-09-15

Why is this skin related? I don't understand....

RE: Problems speed slideshow Kodi 17.x - spokkia - 2017-12-01

Hi everybody,
sadly with 17.6 (LibreElec 8.2.1, Raspberry Pi 2) there is still no change in behaviour, nor any improvement in picture slideshow.
Is there anything I can do to help the developers to investigate this anomaly?


RE: Problems speed slideshow Kodi 17.x - skitti - 2018-10-19


I am wondering if a solution exists as I am now facing the same problem.


RE: Problems speed slideshow Kodi 17.x - WeirdH - 2018-10-22

Same problem here, using Leia beta3 : if I disable 'pan & zoom effects', the display time is ignored. Even if I enable the setting in the GUI, but then add 0 to their respective 'advancedsettings.xml' entries, it happens.

With effects enabled, my set time does seem to be honored, though I didn't time it exactly. Problem is the missus doesn't like the panning and zooming, so now she complains that "all our pictures are too long".  Blush

I can provide a debug log if needed.

RE: Problems speed slideshow Kodi 17.x - Merwenus - 2020-10-06

Kodi 18.8 still has the same problem, when I set 3 sec it is 12 sec, when I set 1 sec, it is ~4 seconds.
Skin : Amber

RE: Problems speed slideshow Kodi 17.x - spokkia - 2020-11-19

I've seen this on Kodi 18.8 (OSMC) on my Raspberry 3: the Confluence Skin and the OSMC default skin do have what it seems to be the right beaviour while Estuary still has the issue.

Looking at the skin source I've noticed that Estuary has, in the xml/Defaults.xml file, the following configuration:

<default type="multiimage">
<aspectratio align="center">scale</aspectratio>

I don't know if this section is still the right one for the slideshow (but multiimage documentation suggests so). If it is, then fadetime and timeperimage might be somehow messing with the slideshow configuration.

Those options are missing from Confluence skin since it has no "multiimage" type 720p/Defaults.xml file.

OSMC default skin has in xml/Defaults.xml file:

<default type="multiimage">

Hope this can be of some help.


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