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kodi sync ___ PlexKodiConect - orbtwin - 2017-02-27


I'm just testing Plex Kodi Conect...
It's possible to sync movies (art, info..etc) with KODI with this addon?.
Ember doesn't sync


RE: kodi sync ___ PlexKodiConect - DanCooper - 2017-02-27

I think not. That's an addon for Kodi, right?

RE: kodi sync ___ PlexKodiConect - orbtwin - 2017-02-27

Yes...it's an addon.
I can't explain in deep, it uses Plex Media Server as a path to fill the libraries, instead of the normal KODI does.
i'm not convinced at 100% with the performance, A lot of hangs, and several issues. But the great Ember sync to KODI doesn't work. If this feature worked i'll give another try.

Thanks for answering.

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