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Soundcloud addon crashing - dadsickle - 2017-03-02

Whenever I attempt to play anything I get the error: "kodi script failed! : soundcloud"

I've tried rolling back the updates, uninstalling etc. Mysteriously it was working fine until about two weeks ago, without me making any change.


RE: Soundcloud addon crashing - daanbl - 2017-03-04

Exactly the same problem here since one week or so, on KODI v17. I have tried reinstalling the plugin and played around with different skins, but no success.


RE: Soundcloud addon crashing - dadsickle - 2017-03-06

hmm bump?

RE: Soundcloud addon crashing - dadsickle - 2018-01-15

going to give this another bump

RE: Soundcloud addon crashing - Karellen - 2018-01-15

Hello dadsickle,

Have you checked out the main Soundcloud thread... https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=206635

Sounds like the original author is no longer maintaining it.

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