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[feature request] - orbtwin - 2017-03-22


i think first post here:
i'm trying TMM ... i'm donator too.

* would be possible ONLY to download actor thumbs with image?.
* option to edit directly the mkv metadata header to clean and edit things
* default assign new scrapped movies with source (BluRay) ... version (Theatrical release) ... tags


RE: [feature request] - orbtwin - 2017-03-23

any news on this?

at least the NO actor thumb


RE: [feature request] - myron - 2017-03-23

Give us some time to respond - we all have a day job / family too Wink

1) no, at least not yet
2) not planned as we do not want to modify any user files
3) should be already detected upon import, IF the filename has it... but not planned on scraper level, since there is usually ONE entry for all editions/sources...

RE: [feature request] - orbtwin - 2017-03-23

thanks ...

sorry, first of all, to be impatient

for the three features exposed ... the only i'm interested in it's the first:

* not scrape actors without the thumb.

thanks again