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TV Guide - Larsancaya - 2017-04-13

Hi all ! Really new to Kodi, downloaded it yesterday and have it connected to MediaPortal TV server and all is working well.
However I need a TV guide that shows all stations and the programs for at least one day. Is there any addon like this available?

RE: TV Guide - Prof Yaffle - 2017-04-13

The EPG (Electronic Program Guide) is normally a product of the PVR back end. If you have tuners there, then you may (should) be able to get over-the-air information; if that's not available, then most backends allow the import of e.g. XMLTV data.

Moving to correct section as well.

RE: TV Guide - Larsancaya - 2017-04-14

I have the epg guide in Kodi but it only shows whats on in current channel or whats on now in all other channels.

What I would like is a full tv guide in Kodi similar to what you would get on a tv, i.e. all channels and programs for at least a day.

So my question is does Kodi have anything like this?

RE: TV Guide - mcelliott - 2017-04-14

Yes, if you are connecting your Kodi to a MediaPortal TV server, it should show your EPG data.

First things first, if you run MediaPortal on the TV server, does the EPG data show up there? Kodi can only show the data that is present in MediaPortal, so check there first, and fix it there if it is missing.

RE: TV Guide - Larsancaya - 2017-04-14

If the answer is yes then where is it ? Is it an addon ? The standard listings in kodi show either all programs on ONE channel or ONE program on all channels !!!!!!!!!

In media portal I see all epg data !

I just want to be able to run a tv guide in Kodi thats shows all channells and and all programs at the same time just like any standard tv does.

RE: TV Guide - Dangelus - 2017-04-14

Are you using the MediaPortal client add-on?

RE: TV Guide - Larsancaya - 2017-04-14

This is nothing to do with Media Portal !

I can see all programs/channels in kodi.

This is view 1 in Kodi

This is view 2 in Kodi

and this is what I would like to see in Kodi.
This is the guide in Mediaportal.

RE: TV Guide - mcelliott - 2017-04-14

Well, I just use the default Estuary skin in Kodi, and select 'guide' and I see what you are wanting to see.

Unfortunately we cannot guess which buttons you are pressing or which version of Kodi you are using.

RE: TV Guide - komplex - 2017-04-14

Pressing "e" on your keyboard or map a button to "ActivateWindow(TVGuide)" will give you what you want

RE: TV Guide - Larsancaya - 2017-04-14

Thank you thank you komplex that is exactly what I wanted !

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