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2 questions regarding sound (stereo and aac) - zebb - 2008-02-19

Have an optical s/pdif to my receiver.
Now I finally get Dolby sound from my ac3 movies, BUT can't seem to get stereo sound..:/
Read about 5.1->stereo not done yet, but why can't I get stereo sound from 2-chan. movies via spdif?

And what about Quicktime trailers, with AAC sound?
There's no receivers with AAC decoder, so you can't get 5.1 via spdif with QT and when I play it with XBMC, the movies plays with 2x speed, without sound.. still it says: mp4a 5:1 . Would be really cool to get it work!

Having grown up with XBMC this is just awesome! Keep up the good work!

Thanks for your time and help!

- zebb - 2008-02-19

Couldn't find a edit button..
anyway, never mind the stereo issue.. after some searching in the settings I found that the 'Audio Output Device' was set as Analog, changed to Digital and stereo plays just fine =)

And the QT Trailers with AAC I think is under the way.. read on the release notes that it should work.. but doesn't for me..

- rickeo - 2008-02-19

Same issue, QT trailers with AAC audio play at 2x speed with no audio.

- elan - 2008-02-19

Please paste terminal output and log output to pastie for the Apple Trailer play.



- zebb - 2008-02-19

Here's the terminal output,
where should I find xbmc.log...?