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Adonic - badaas - 2017-04-30

Simple non dialog based skin.
Supporting TV and Movies mainly, no PVR (yet, unless major interest!).
Also a showcase for colorbox.

watch gallery

Please report bugs here, thank you!

RE: Adonic - badaas - 2017-05-05

Repo for current fixes here: https://github.com/BADMS/repository.BADMS/raw/master/repository.BADMS/repository.BADMS-1.0.0.zip

RE: Adonic - badaas - 2017-05-17

1.0.1 - In my repo, not official kodi repo yet

RE: Adonic - justin150 - 2018-03-08

I think this skin has a lot of potential, and in particular I think it would look very good on a large screen TV (sometimes simple is better).

However, there are a few issues or possibly where I am just not understanding how the skin works.  In no particular order here are my list of issues:

1. Backgrounds.  How one sets backgrounds, where one stores backgrounds, whether the backgrounds can be multi-image or single image is a complete mystery to me because clicking on select background produces either a list saying none or completely random images.  Like many people I have a set of background images I want to use which I store in a folder called Build Backgrounds (originality or what!!)

2. Weather widget: very flaky implementation.  In fairness I see that in a lot of skins.  Best version is on the Aeon Nox Silvio skin IMO

3. Instead of having a scrolling main menu is it possible to have it so that when you get to the end it bounces back to the start

4.  When scrolling through a sub menu or widget it would be nice if there was a better highlight of which one you are focused on, what would be really nice is if the text bar at the top of the sub-menu/widget stated which item was currently in focus

5.  For the future (possibly a long time in the future!) a vertical menu option would be nice.

Keep up the excellent work.  This is a very different look to many of the skins out there and that is a good thing

RE: Adonic - justin150 - 2018-03-09

Just to continue from last post.  Having spent most of the day fighting to get everything working the way I want, I am in a position to expand on my previous post.

Make no mistake this is a skin with real potential.  Anyone using it is going to have to put in a lot of work to make sure you have icons for everything but get that right and visually this is a different look to Kodi with some very nice touches.

1. Weather Icon: tried everything and the weather widget simply does not display weather icons.  This could be because I have this is a portable version of Kodi but technically that should make no difference.

2. Backgrounds (multi image).  I have got a single multi-image background working for the whole skin.  There seems to be no way of implementing a multi-image slideshow per main menu item which is a shame and I would strongly recommend this is changed in next version of the skin.

3. Backgrounds (selecting): This has to be one of the most frustrating parts of the skin.  There is a tool for selecting backgrounds, but how it works is unclear (I am being polite because I do not have the skills to build a skin!).  What it should allow is for the user to select backgrounds of their own choosing from folders of their own choosing. It may even do that, but not for me.

4. Widgets:  There is a setting item for visibility condition.  Click on it brings up a virtual keyboard.  Clearly there is intended to be some functionality there, what that functionality actually is, I have no idea. What I would like is for widget to be hidden and only displayed if up arrow clicked and then if down arrow selected the widget disappear

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