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DevCon 2017 - Day one - Kib - 2017-05-06

Please use this thread for comments or questions regarding the blog post highlighting our first day at DevCon.


RE: DevCon 2017 - Day one - LongMan - 2017-05-06

Thanks a lot for the giving an update. In a conference such of this creative juices are really flowing, so it is really nice to hear about the discussions that occur and decisions that are made.

RE: DevCon 2017 - Day one - OlliLaukkanen - 2017-05-09

Thanks for the update. In my eyes Kodi communicates best with the users. Big thumbs up! I'm looking forward to the things to come!
And thanks for adding the possibility to use SEPA transfer as donation method. Smile

RE: DevCon 2017 - Day one - kimkl - 2017-05-13

I have a question about this
Natethomas followed on to talk through the state of Kodi's finances - sponsors, donations, expenses - and our current non-profit/Foundation status.

How does the future look for Kodi , will Kodi still be free "open source".
Because with Krypton 17, you guys took a major leap, and with all the new features and improvements it must be a "full-time job" for a lot of the "TK".
And the "future" is not stopping, and i think its safe to say, that Kodi can hold its own against a lot of the paid "media center" software, i have a lot of the "expensive" Media Centers, but i rarely use them, because Kodi is just so much easier.

Sure i miss the Blu-Ray menu support, but i think "hope" its only a matter of time before Kodi has full Blu-Ray Support.
But again its probably a very time consuming and you need "TK's" who know how to make/add it, i do not know if Kodi has "TK" all ready with the know-how.
I ofc hope it will stay free of charge "open source" but since i have paid a small fortune, for my other "Expensive software" which i never use, i could just as well pay for Kodi and stop spending money on software i never use.

I ofc Donate to Kodi, when ever, i have some spare "change".
I hope my reply is readable/understandable and i think i got all the spelling "buff's"
If something looks like rubbish let me know and ill correct it.
Thank You
And keep up the good work

RE: DevCon 2017 - Day one - Hitcher - 2017-05-13

Kodi will always be FOSS.

RE: DevCon 2017 - Day one - kimkl - 2017-05-15

Thx Hitch i hope you and the rest of the "TK's" can keep feeling what ever makes you want to jump the next hurdle , okay i think that's the end, even though i just had a brilliant comment/joke
Well we all seen how those turn out, so thx hitch keep up the steam, and when the rest of the "TK's" are done drinking, our donation money up,
Could you, okay just a joke i know you guys do hard work so ..... darn the end
Big Grin everyone should learn to say when. so just a small personal comment as to where my donation's go Big Grin

RE: DevCon 2017 - Day one - LongMan - 2017-10-30

@Prof Yaffle,

Thanks for taking the time to write about Dev Con 2017 Part II. It is really nice to know some of what goes into making my favourite Media Center software.

RE: DevCon 2017 - Day one - dr88dr88 - 2017-10-30

Did you discuss the below points:

Integrated web browser / engine to have HTML 5 apps in Kodi.
Game data base for retro play
Official Kodi remote as the second Kodi hardware offering
A Kodi AI assistent

Just dreaming :-)

RE: DevCon 2017 - Day one - natethomas - 2017-11-01

(2017-10-30, 21:23)dr88dr88 Wrote: Did you discuss the below points:

Integrated web browser / engine to have HTML 5 apps in Kodi.
Game data base for retro play
Official Kodi remote as the second Kodi hardware offering
A Kodi AI assistent

Just dreaming :-)

1. There was not a formal presentation, but work has been done on this.
2. Again, no formal presentation. This will take time and needs to wait until the team has reworked the database.
3. I cannot confirm or deny Smile
4. No. Right now I think we are happy letting the AI assistants in the OS do the work, if they allow for integration. There was a bit of talk of using voice in Linux land, but that was more for data entry than AI stuff.

RE: DevCon 2017 - Day one - ashlar - 2017-11-09

With reference to Day Two, I'm glad Vel0city's work looks likely to be applied to "normal" resizing tools and not just to RetroPlayer (at least that's what I understand). Kodi's scalers are, currently, probably its greatest limitation for videoplayback. At least when compared to more advanced ones on madVR or mpv.

Also good that there's ongoing discussion concerning DRM add-ons. Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video... all force us to jump through hoops to playback what we pay for. I hope progress will come here sooner or later.

Thanks for sharing.

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