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ColorManagement (CMS) - bruceas - 2017-05-08

Does Kodi support CMS?

If i try to dispaly a TAGGED wacked jpg from http://www.gballard.net/photoshop/pdi_download/#downloads i don's see the correct colors.

With mediaportal i see the correct colors.

RE: ColorManagement (CMS) - scott967 - 2017-05-11

I know there is something for video display, but I don't think it can do anything for images (don't even know what color space Kodi assumes).

scott s.

RE: ColorManagement (CMS) - bruceas - 2017-05-11

With new wide gamut TV, is important to have CMS. I develope raw files in AdobeRGB and kodi do not support Color Management :-(