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RE: Duplicate Channels - nickr - 2017-05-15

Actually I clicked "raw" and the text was all there.

RE: Duplicate Channels - john2069 - 2017-05-16

(2017-05-12, 17:08)MatthewLundberg Wrote: You ask at an appropriate time.

I'm working on a fix for this now. I expect to have something workable in a few weeks.

Note that there is an entry for each of your HDR boxes. If one box has all tuners in use, the attempt to tune the channel will fail (nothing will happen) but clicking on the same program for the other tuner will work, if there is a free tuner.

Since you have a Prime box, I may want you to test a pre-released version. I only have OTA boxes here. Can you do this? If so, what OS are you on?

Hi Matthew, thanks so much for this development of this solution. I too have just purchased 2nd HDHomerun box, and would be good to see this issue addressed.

RE: Duplicate Channels - MatthewLundberg - 2017-05-16


There's still more development to do, and a pre-release is several weeks away.

RE: Duplicate Channels - MatthewLundberg - 2017-05-18

I have something that works, but there are still a few holes which need to be plugged. One is removing the setting to hide duplicates, as it's not possible to display them multiple times with this code.

It currently won't work properly if you have the same channel number with different content on two boxes, but I can fix that and will do so.

It does not currently check to see if the tuner box is fully subscribed. Instead, it will fail to tune the channel (nothing happens), but clicking on the channel again will cause it to advance to the next tuner in the list. I will add a check in the future, once I find out how to get the IP address of the local Ethernet interface from Kodi.

I also still need to figure out how to get this to build and run on Windows, which is kicking my behind. Linux is quite easy, so that's where I've been developing. However, I run Windows on my HTPC. And I don't have the tools to build on Android or X-Box or other systems.

Feel free to peruse the source code at https://github.com/MatthewLundberg/pvr.hdhomerun/tree/multi-experiment-1/

RE: Duplicate Channels - john2069 - 2017-05-19

Thanks Matthew, that's great progress.

Would it be possible to allow Kodi users to specify one of the tuner boxes as the Primary or Preferred box that's always tried first. If that box is fully subscribed then it fails over to the 2nd box?

RE: Duplicate Channels - MatthewLundberg - 2017-05-19

@John, I'll look into this. Directly entering the ID of the desired tuner/tuners may be easy enough to include in a first release of this new code.

RE: Duplicate Channels - MatthewLundberg - 2017-05-23

The pull request has been entered for the first release of the new code.

No preferred tuner setting is in the first pull request, but I will look into addressing this in the future.

To test this prior to the merge, you can download both Kodi and the PVR code from my repository, at these addresses (Kodi is unmodified, but is a snapshot at the same point in development as the PRV code, which is last night):


Within the xbmc tree, in the file cmake/installdata/common/addons.txt, add the following line:


Also download and build the HDHomeRun library. You can get the code here: http://www.silicondust.com/support/downloads/

Then configure and compile the PVR and Kodi itself. The build instructions are identical to the mainline.

Notes on this code:

It is lineup-based rather than tuner-based, to handle multiple tuners while allowing any of them to be used.
Each channel shows up exactly once in the guide and channel selector.
A minimal covering of the lineup is determined, possibly reducing network bandwidth if a subset of tuner boxes contain the entire channel lineup. Cable users should only need to retrieve the guide for one tuner box.
Selecting a channel attempts to tune the first tuner found, but does not check the tuner at this time. If the tuner box is fully-subscribed, the attempt will fail, but selecting the channel again will cause a different tuner to be selected. A tuner check will be added in a subsequent release so this will be automatic.
Added the episode name from the guide (this was missing in the earlier code).
The channel name displayed can be selected in the options, one of three settings: the name returned by the tuner, the name returned by the guide, and the affiliate returned by the guide.

RE: Duplicate Channels - MatthewLundberg - 2017-06-10

Well, the author of the PVR does not like my pull request, and wants something smaller. Not gonna happen. So my code will not be included in Kodi.

But that won't stop me from working on improvements. It will take a bit longer to get something that can be used by others, but I will work on producing a ZIP file release. In the meanwhile, if you like, you can download the code and build it yourself.

RE: Duplicate Channels - john2069 - 2017-06-10

I'm with you Matthew. Happy to install from a ZIP file, however I don't have the capability to compile from source code, so I'll wait until it's available.

RE: Duplicate Channels - MatthewLundberg - 2017-06-11

I still have (at least) one more piece to put into this before I want to release a ZIP.

In particular, I want to support the extended guide. It's easy enough to grab the data, but if you loop through the channels and get the full guide for each, it takes an unacceptable time to fill out the guide even for one day of my OTA channels. For cable, or for users with 14 days of data, it would be extremely bad.

Instead, I will fill out the "basic" guide first, so that current programs show up immediately, then implement a time-based loop, so that the guide data gets wider with passing time.

The other feature on the short list, is support for legacy non-DLNA boxes. These can be had pretty cheaply on Ebay. Removing the dependency on strStreamURL makes these easier to support.

RE: Duplicate Channels - MatthewLundberg - 2017-07-08

I think I have the extended guide figured out, but still need to test the code for a while. There are some surprising subtleties to getting the extended guide for a grid format. I also had introduced a bug which resulted in a crash or infinite loop, took a while to find, but that's now fixed.

Added to the code:

Preferred tuner boxes can be specified by entering the hex ID into a text field. There's also a setting to blacklist tuners by ID. Both of these options take a space-separated list of IDs.

Extended guide works, and works in a reasonable way. The first four hours are fetched when the PVR is started, then every few minutes more of the guide is fetched for each channel. Once the future is fully fetched for a channel, the past is fetched. There's still not an option to specify the days to fetch. Plans for the future is to let Kodi set this via the EPG callback, so you can specify the guide period in Kodi's PVR settings. Channels with no guide info are polled once per hour to see if anything shows up -- this isn't currently in the settings, but I will add it.

To do:

Add setting options, to control things that can be adjusted but currently just use defaults. I'll probably also refactor the setting-related code, because it's pretty heinous.

Waking from sleep does the wrong thing. If you have the Kodi PVR layer not remembering the guide, it comes up as empty after waking. Running continuously is fine, which is what I do with my media PC.

Pull changes into my master branch. It is currently not updated with any of the changes above.

I still have no ZIP release. I'm compiling the PVR and Kodi locally for now. I should have time to create a ZIP sometime in the next month or so.

RE: Duplicate Channels - john2069 - 2017-07-10

Thanks for the update Matthew. I also have some news to share.

I've recently moved away from Kodi after having discovered the Nvidia Shield (running Android TV).

Between Android TV's Live Channels app & Plex app, I have most of Kodi's functionality covered. The Live Channels app also handles multiple HDHomeruns on the same network, which is what I was originally after.

Thanks for all your hard work, and best of luck with future development.

RE: Duplicate Channels - MatthewLundberg - 2017-07-10

No need to thank me. I haven't delivered anything yet.

Anyway, I'm glad that you found a system that you like. I'm still using WMC to record, which means Windows.

I need to find another recording solution, maybe SD's, maybe my own. This PVR code runs on Linux just fine -- in fact I develop on Linux, then pull the changes to the Windows box, build it and run it there.

I briefly looked at Plex, are you using the free version, or paid version?

RE: Duplicate Channels - john2069 - 2017-07-10

Plex is paid version.

However all my TV recording happens via the HDHomeRun app on the Shield. This requires a subscription to HDHomerun of $35 pa. It's a reasonably elegant solution that allows for multiple HDHomeRun devices on the network.

RE: Duplicate Channels - MatthewLundberg - 2017-07-10

If you're subscribing to SD's recorder, you might want to check this out: https://forum.silicondust.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=88&t=64143

It's a different Kodi add-on, but uses the SD engine. I've never tried it because I don't subscribe (yet), but it looks very useful.

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