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UI extending past borders of screen - Razorbob - 2017-05-13

Everything was ok until my HTPC updated to the Win10 creators update. Now I have an issue with the UI, where it extends past the edge of the screen. I figured it had just messed up somehow so I realigned the UI in the Kodi settings and now it's perfectly aligned. However, if I tab out of Kodi, my desktop now extends past the edge of my screen. The work around I discovered was to put Kodi in windowed mode, when you tab out the screen goes black (as if you're changing resolution) and comes back with the desktop displayed. I don't know if this is a Windows or a Kodi problem, but I'm hoping someone can offer some assistance.


Amber skin (not sure where to find version)
Kodi 17.0-RC3 (UI @ 1080p)
Win10 x64 (desktop 1080p)
Intel G4560
4k Samsung TV (connected via HDMI)

I wasn't sure if the log could capture anything relevant for this problem, if I'm mistaken though, I'll add that too.

Many thanks.

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