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17.3 UNSPECIFIED ERROR - fiestyvermin - 2017-05-28

I got tired of all the notices from Kodi about the hackers being able to get into Jarvis 16.1 so I decided to bite and upgrade to 17.3 Now I have tried installing and EVERY time I download the file from anywhere it does not matter what link i use 17.3 keeps giving me UNSPECIFIED ERROR and will not install. It downloads fine but will not install. I see nothing on the forum talking about this UNSPECIFIED ERROR so I made a new thread. If this has been answered then forgive my ignorance but this is baffling. Kodi is all I use for tv viewing so I do not know or understand why 17.3 will not install. Please help

RE: 17.3 UNSPECIFIED ERROR - Prof Yaffle - 2017-05-28

Can you tell us more about your setup? The initial "notices" sound suspicious to me in the first instance. Where did you get Kodi from originally?

Regarding the error, that sounds vaguely like a Windows problem, but you don't even say what version you're using. It could also be related to e.g. anti-virus software that's blocking something - you'd need to look in application logs to see more.

Finally, as a newcomer to this site, please make sure you're aware of our position on free content (wiki). I don't want to read too much into your comment about Kodi being all you use for TV viewing, so I'm mentioning that just in case...

RE: 17.3 UNSPECIFIED ERROR - fiestyvermin - 2017-05-28

I am using
windows 10 home version 1511 10586.916
Mozilla 53.0.3 32 bit
I am not getting virus notifications from Mcaffee but I do not know why I am seeing the Unspecified error.

RE: 17.3 UNSPECIFIED ERROR - Prof Yaffle - 2017-05-28

All I can say is that you're getting a Windows error, not a Kodi one. You need to look in your Windows logs (View Event Logs in Control Panel) to see if there's more information; try disabling McAfee before you install as well. If you're doing this, make sure that you're installing Kodi from this site and nowhere else, as you're dropping your defences against malicious attacks and other Kodi distributions may not be trustworthy.

If you Google that error with a few choice terms, you'll find similar reports of McAfee real-time scanning getting in the way.

Moving to off-topic as well, as this doesn't appear to be a Kodi issue.