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Don't find subtitle - lightblue - 2017-07-27

I bought recently a TP-link modem. It finds greek subtitles and play them only at TV Shows, not at Movies. However there are greek subtitles, they are activated subtitles programs and greek language. What to do?

RE: Don't find subtitle - DaLanik - 2017-07-27

modem? What has that to do with KodiHuh

RE: Don't find subtitle - lightblue - 2017-07-28

My tv-box receives wi-fi from the modem which is linked with the central router, I thought It affects the streaming.

RE: Don't find subtitle - Klojum - 2017-07-28

Provide a debug enabled kodi.log file first (see link below). It's no use doing a guessing game when we don't have all the possible information.