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Pre-Release Version 2.9.4 - mlaggner - 2017-07-28

Version 2.9.4
+ Kodi XML scrapers for TV shows! (Donator only)
+ MediaInfo changes: if you have high-res, 6+ channel, 4k files,
it is recommended to do a "mediainfo reload" of all movies, to get the correct icons.
+ Animated poster scraping (not always visible inside TMM, but on filesystem)

+ export movies/tv shows via command line #116
+ fixed various templates to use correct graphics
+ added new templates
+ added more icons for high res audio & video streams (Atmos, TrueHD, DTS:X, 4k)
+ added UltraHD Blu Ray as media source
x fixed handling for nested movie structures
x fixed default value for copyArtwork exporting
x fixed TV multi episode renaming #143
x fixed handling of JPEG images
x fixed storing preference for episode scrape
x fixed deleting original graphics on cache-miss
x changed forum links to the kodi.tv domain
x fix some surround audio icons #117

RE: Pre-Release Version 2.9.4 - Gendji - 2017-07-29

I have tested 2.9.4 and the latest nightly build and noticed a change in how posters and fan art view are shown.

In 2.9.3, when you click on the poster or background, the picture shown is sharp although it's resized a bit smaller then the picture originally is.

In the new version, the screen itself is still the same size but the pictures are blurry?.

Haven't tested any shows yet so i don't know if it happens there also.

RE: Pre-Release Version 2.9.4 - mlaggner - 2017-07-30

should work again in the next nightly (tomorrow)

RE: Pre-Release Version 2.9.4 - Gendji - 2017-07-31

Tested and working, thank you.

RE: Pre-Release Version 2.9.4 - Kamikaze01 - 2017-08-02

Hello there Smile

just tested the 2.9.4 Template "Mobile Movie Search" for HTML Export.
And i am realy impressed !! It is very beautiful and have a great filter on the top.

However, I would have a few suggestions for improvements:
-) It would be nice to see the Title of the movies (not only the Poster).
-) And maybe there could be a Popup for the Plot (like in the DeadSix27 Template) OR maybe link to a german MovieDB?!
-) Mayby there could be an List-Option (not only Covers/Posters without Title...)
-) And i dont know if my friends are interessted in the "watched" oder "not watched" Status ;-)

And if i search for an Title, i will get various Movies which has nothing to do with my search-term...

Yeah - thats what i am thinking of =)

VERY NICE WORK Jennifer Gigliotti =)) THANK YOU VERY MUCH !!
And btw it worked normaly in google chrome !

kind regards

RE: Pre-Release Version 2.9.4 - Ruk12345 - 2017-08-03

How are these new “Kodi XML scrapers for TV shows!” differant?


RE: Pre-Release Version 2.9.4 - mlaggner - 2017-08-04

now we are able to use these Kodi XML Scraper for TV shows too (in addition to the native tmm scrapers).
But since the scraper structure for TV shows is complex, they might not work as perfect as the tmm native ones (which are optimized in various aspects)

RE: Pre-Release Version 2.9.4 - mlaggner - 2017-08-04

new build is up; changelog changes below

+ added new templates
DeadSix27 HTML generator by DeadSix27 - https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=160863
Mobile Movie Search by Jennifer Gigliotti
+ added .sup as subtitle format for new installations #162
(existing ones may have to add this file type in the settings)
+ added video bit depth from mediainfo
x enhanced autom. downloading of subtitles #157 (thx @ProIcons)
x fixed some things in the image cache #153
x fixed a mediaInformation JVM crash on ISO files
x fixed/enhanced media source detection #172 (thx @ProIcons)
x fixed detection of certain audio streams with mediainfo #173 (thx @ProIcons)
x fixed the year field in the editors: now you can set the year to zero
x better handling of network interruptions in the artwork downloader

RE: Pre-Release Version 2.9.4 - mlaggner - 2017-08-04

recreated the build (there were some commits missing in the last one)

RE: Pre-Release Version 2.9.4 - baer678 - 2017-08-05

What version of MediaInfo is supported now? 2.9.3 did not work with the then latest release and did use an older one (1 step back). Can I use the most current one now?

Thanks in advance.


RE: Pre-Release Version 2.9.4 - myron - 2017-08-07

Should work again with recent versions.
Old version only had problems on ISO files, which we have resolved.
But not yet tested thoroughly.... so we didn't update the windows version yet

RE: Pre-Release Version 2.9.4 - baer678 - 2017-08-07

Did install latest MediaInfo 0.7.97. Crashed on the first 3D ISO I tested (pre-generate *-mediainfo.xml file). Back to MediaInfo 0.7.93. That release works.

TMM with buildin mediainfo crached too on that same ISO:

2017-08-07 14:19:11,180 INFO [tmmpool-main-task-T2-G23] o.t.c.m.t.MovieReloadMediaInformationTask:56 - get MediaInfo...
2017-08-07 14:19:11,183 DEBUG [tmmpool-reloadMI-T1-G24] o.t.core.entities.MediaFile:1576 - start MediaInfo for movie [ 3D SBS LF ].iso
2017-08-07 14:19:11,199 ERROR [tmmpool-reloadMI-T1-G24] o.t.core.entities.MediaFile:1477 - Mediainfo could not open STREAM - trying fallback
java.lang.RuntimeException: com.github.stephenc.javaisotools.loopfs.api.LoopFileSystemException: Invalid block size: 0
at com.github.stephenc.javaisotools.loopfs.spi.AbstractBlockFileSystem.iterator(AbstractBlockFileSystem.java:63)
at org.tinymediamanager.core.entities.MediaFile.getMediaInfoSnapshotFromISO(MediaFile.java:1398)
at org.tinymediamanager.core.entities.MediaFile.gatherMediaInformation(MediaFile.java:1579)
at org.tinymediamanager.core.MediaFileInformationFetcherTask.call(MediaFileInformationFetcherTask.java:95)
at org.tinymediamanager.core.MediaFileInformationFetcherTask.call(MediaFileInformationFetcherTask.java:38)
at java.util.concurrent.FutureTask.run(Unknown Source)
at java.util.concurrent.Executors$RunnableAdapter.call(Unknown Source)
at java.util.concurrent.FutureTask.run(Unknown Source)
at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(Unknown Source)
at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$Worker.run(Unknown Source)
at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)
Caused by: com.github.stephenc.javaisotools.loopfs.api.LoopFileSystemException: Invalid block size: 0
at com.github.stephenc.javaisotools.loopfs.iso9660.Iso9660VolumeDescriptorSet.validateBlockSize(Iso9660VolumeDescriptorSet.java:210)
at com.github.stephenc.javaisotools.loopfs.iso9660.Iso9660VolumeDescriptorSet.deserializePrimary(Iso9660VolumeDescriptorSet.java:128)
at com.github.stephenc.javaisotools.loopfs.iso9660.Iso9660VolumeDescriptorSet.deserialize(Iso9660VolumeDescriptorSet.java:99)
at com.github.stephenc.javaisotools.loopfs.spi.AbstractBlockFileSystem.loadVolumeDescriptors(AbstractBlockFileSystem.java:78)
at com.github.stephenc.javaisotools.loopfs.spi.AbstractBlockFileSystem.iterator(AbstractBlockFileSystem.java:61)
... 10 common frames omitted

RE: Pre-Release Version 2.9.4 - myron - 2017-08-07

can you send me that xml?

RE: Pre-Release Version 2.9.4 - baer678 - 2017-08-07


Here's the 0.7.93 XML. This one works in TMM and pre-generated mediainfo.xml files:


Here's the 0.7.97 XML of that same movie.ISO. This one crashes in TMM.


RE: Pre-Release Version 2.9.4 - myron - 2017-08-07

hmm.. works for me.
At least on windows... dunno what you're on.
If the xml is correctly named, this parses even with actual mediainfo.

But in above example/crash, it seems, the XML is not read/used.
You shoulld see an entry like "ISO: try to parse ... movie-mediainfo.xml" after the "start MediaInfo" line
I guess, this was just an error, and did not actually crash complete TMM?

Furthermore, it seems to be a bluray?
So we tried to open it, but failed, since we cannot parse UDF blurays yet... and the fallback kicks in...

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